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Carpe Diem Schoolhouse Pte. Ltd.

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Beware of Carpe Diem mI Schoolhouse

Totall agree with Winniethepooh Carpe Diem is much worst now. If you are thinking of putting your kids there, please think thrice. Kids learn nothin there just play, watch TV coloring most of the time. Teachers will even tell you your kids are very bad in english, chinese and pinying and ask you to spend most time teaching them!! Very uncaring teachers too, when kid bring up an injury or disconfort they will tell the kid it’s nothing. When 5 yr old has nose bleed they ask the kid go toilet and clean up herself!!

Carpe Diem No No!


If complaints had even brought up to the founder and he didn’t even bother to address the issues then do you think the other centres will set a good example?  I don’t think so….




Carpe Diem

Dear WinniethePooh, thank you for your comments on Carpe Diem.  No parent would like to go through experiences like what you described!

However, just a quick note.  Like many other popular childcare services, I believe Carpe Diem is a franchise and their centres are operated by franchisees that pay a license fee to Carpe Diem for use of their branding and materials.  Depending on how stringent the licensor performs audits on the licensees for compliance, there is bound to be variance in the application of the methodologies provided by the franchisor.

Unless you have tried multiple centres under Carpe Diem and encountered similar experiences in most of them, it would be inaccurate to use a blanket statement that all centres under that brand is bad.  It would be unfair to the operators of other centres under the brand, especially if they are compliant to or even exceed the requirements of the suggested curriculum.  It is good to give feedback to operators so that they can improve their services, but we should be wary of overstepping ourselves in our eagerness to seek redress.

There is also a thread in the Childcare services Forum where some parents did have good experiences with Carpe Diem schools.  Do check it out if you have the time.

All Carpe Diem Schools are crap!

Hi All,

Don’t be deceived by their impressive website.  There is no such 5"I" incorporated into their daily teaching in their class.

They have almost enrichment classes from Mon to Fri and encourage the parents to sign up and then leave the enrichment teachers to teach your child.  If you have the money, your child will be learning something from the enrichment class.  Otherwise, your child is just passing time there.  Watching TV in morning and evening from 430pm to 1pm.  They bring the kids out to playground twice a day or strolling around the school.  I visited NTUC childcare at 930am and realise that the kids are very attentive to what the teacher was teaching.  When I visited my kid’s school at Carpe Diem at 945am, the class is in chaos!  I was wondering how come my kid is not learning at this timing!

Very stingy to let the kids play thru learning ‘cos they don’t want to spend money and time to clean the toys.  Less risk to be banned from HFMD.

Basically, they cut a lot of cost by employing Myammar teacher who can’t really speak English and China teachers who had strong accents that the kids can’t really understand.  Very little exercise worksheets are given and most excercise worksheets’ contents can be easily  found from bookshop, nothing fantastic!  Only one art and craft is taught each months and you only get a few pieces of exercise worksheets (English, Mandarin & Maths) and one art piece one and half month later.  They also don’t mark and comment on the work done by the kids.

A lot of parents are upset and frustrated after putting their kids into Carpe Diem school and realise that the kids don’t really like the school and they have to look for another school.

They make a lot of money from organising exercusions, events, uniforms, mattresses and mattress cover, etc…. 

They don’t address feedbacks and bullshit a lot! 

Angry Mum 🙁







Carpe Diem School house in Jln jurong kechil

Can anyone share with me their experiences with Carpe Diem Jln Jurong Kechil cookiecreature

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