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Changi Bethany Kindergarten

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Re: Principal

I totally agree with you on the pt you made abt this principal. Last year, she wrote a memo to us and it went something like this "For those of you who still do not know that the holidays are…., please note…" From her tone in that memo, it says a lot about her. Do not bother about giving her any feedback, she is not receptive. 

With regards to the worksheets, there is no structure at all. For example, Week  3, spell "sunny". Week 4, spell "sun". Logic would have it that if one could spell "sunny", he/she would be able to spell "sun".  Little grammar is taught, let alone reinforcement. I have to do all the hardwork at home. The K2 children have a book where they have a page for each letter and they write words starting with that letter in the book. Teachers do not mark what’s written. Reason given is that this is for parents to know that the child can’t spell. The science is ridiculously difficult. K2 children are taught about the insides of a brain, like cerebellum, brain stem etc…The children had to write these words out.

Every term, you will definitely find a new teacher.  I am so disappointed with the school that I want to withdraw my daughter who’s in Nursery, but I have yet to find a decent school in the East. As for the elder one, damage is done. I have to prep him for P1 myself.





Recent change

Observed a change in focus in the last year – more academic, as compared to a few years’ ago under different management.  The kids are doing more worksheets now, esp. K2 level.  Somehow feel they are over-preparing them for Primary School… but there are parents who like it.

Main peeve is the total lack of EQ in the current principal.  Never feel comfortable talking to her, unlike the more than 5 principals the Kindergarten had in the past.  But must say that most of the teachers are very loving, esp those around for many years.  There was kind of an exodus of the teachers (mostly with the Kindergarten for many years) when this principal took over.  I felt was a big waste!

The school is held together

The school is held together by a couple of dedicated teachers. Above and beyond that, there is nothing much to shout about, just plenty of worksheets and parents get to talk to teachers 3 times a year. Turnover rate is extremely high as well.

Several friend kids are

Several friend kids are graduate there. no complaint so far

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