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Chen-Xi International Education

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Address: (Near Hillview MRT Station - Downtown Line) 105 Hillview Rise, #03-26, Singapore 667968

Telephone: +65-9646-7611



Chen-Xi International Education is a tuition center specializing in Physics education. We offer small-group (2 to 4 students) or one-to-one tuition services on the following subjects:

  • A-level Physics
  • AP Physics
  • O-level Physics (Pure or Combined)
  • IB Physics (SL/HL)
  • IGCSE Physics
  • SAT Physics
  • N-level Physics
  • Online Physics sessions for international students

Chen Xi Int'l Education

Our #1 goal is to help you ace your next Physics exam

This is our commitment to you. You will be taught by Caltech master and NUS former teacher. All the physics tuition sessions are well prepared. We answer to your questions directly and clearly. All materials and notes are provided for free. Come and see how well you can do as a well-trained physics student!

Often we find that students did not learn many key concepts that are essential for them to score well for physics. When they are shown how to solve physics problems with clever tricks, they are enthralled! Physics education at all levels open up more opportunities in science and engineering as students go for further studies. Many parents have invested in their children’s education by joining our sessions. When you see the improved results, you will know that every penny has been a worthwhile investment!

Free trial sessions will be arranged for new students

Please contact us asap if you need help in Physics!

Teacher’s Profile:

All the sessions are taught by Ms Xi Xi. She is a Physics master tutor with 10 years experience in teaching. She holds a BEng. Degree in Engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Master Degree in Science from California Institute of Technology (Caltech), both with full scholarships.

Her research findings have been published in several academic journals. While attending Crescent Girls’ School and Raffles Junior College, she was awarded full scholarship from Ministry of Education in Singapore.

She was also a member of the prestigious University Scholars’ Programme (USP) in NUS. Immersed in a family of teachers, Ms. Xi finds it very natural to be in the teaching profession. As a passionate and caring teacher, she has taught students in NUS and various international and local schools. Rest assured that students are taken care of in safe and capable hands! 

Testimonials with 5-Star reviews:

 “An awesome teacher who is devoted in teaching and educating her students ! She helped me improve my physics grades from F9 to A1 in a few months time ! Not only that she is a supportive and caring teacher 🙂 She’s generous and patient and I’m sure she will be able to help you improve your grades in no time . Overall , it’s been awesome working with her 🙂 thank you Ms Xi !! I owe my grades to your hard work and continuous effort.”

“Great teacher with brief explanation, she cleared all my doubts and has helped me drastically improve on my sciences results. She is patient as well as caring towards her students. Great teacher to be taught by!”

“Ms Xixi is a great teacher with great enthusiasm, and has deep passion towards moulding her students. I have only been taught by her for a few months, but she helped me to improve my physics to such a great extent within a short period of time. Thank You Ms Xixi!”

“I’ve been taught by miss xi for almost 6 months now and my grades have improve significantly from a fail to an A1. She has continuously putting in effort to help me improve and her explanations are clear as well. I’m sure anybody can improve their grades if you are willing to put in the effort and have a great teacher who is dedicated and supportive.”

“My daughter is taking O levels exam this year. She was struggling with physics till she started lessons with Teacher Xi Xi in the middle of this year. Her grades have improved significantly with Xi Xi’s patient coaching over just a couple of months. The lessons and notes are very well organized and clear to understand. There is also constant update of my daughter’s progress. ”

“Miss Xi was my A Levels tutor when I took the examination as a private candidate. Even though I did not have conventional school lessons like many others, I managed to master the relevant concepts and clear all my doubts with the guidance of Miss Xi. I highly recommend all prospective students to select Miss Xi as their tutor because she is both well-versed in the MOE syllabus and patient when teaching.”

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It is wonderful that children and schoolchildren can improve their knowledge, especially in such exact sciences as mathematics and physics. these subjects are not understandable to all children.

by on Tue, 20/04/2021 10:45pm
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