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Coco Education

Coco Education

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Address: #01-02, Leng Kee Community Club, 400 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 159049

Telephone: +65 92314641/ +65 98537803



Coco Education is specialized in subject-based enrichment and Olympiad Training, with a focus on mathematics. We stand on the track records of our teachers that have shown proven results in training hundreds of students over the past six years. Many of our students have shown outstanding results in acing major competitions and even been selected for National Team Mathematics Singapore for IMSO.

We are confident in helping students to achieve their maximum potential and at the same time we hope that all the students will also enjoy the learning experience with us as they increase in their capability and interest in Mathematics as well as in other subjects.

Coco Education


Our Programmes

Primary Competition Math

Our Primary Competition Math programme is designed to enrich students’ interest and knowledge in Mathematics beyond school syllabus. They will be gradually exposed to various challenging questions to increase their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. These are all done with the aim to prepare students for upcoming major Math competitions and Math Olympiad.

High Achiever Math

Our High Achievers Math programme is created according to MOE syllabus to help students achieve better understanding of school mathematics curriculum. The programme is meant to strengthen our students’ higher mathematical skills and prepare them for A/A* results in their PSLE Math.

Secondary Competition Math

Our Secondary Competition Math programme is intended for students pursuing Math Olympiad in Secondary schools, with a focus on the competition of The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO). The training programme aims to further develop talented students’ creative problem-solving skills and pursue their passion in advanced mathematics.

IP Math

Our IP Math programme is catered to secondary students who are admitted to Integrated Programme (IP) in their respective schools. Lessons are to follow MOE syllabus that support students to build on subject-specific content knowledge, critical thinking and exam-ready skills. 

School Calendar

Coco Education



Rosyth School

Achievement: RIPMWC 2019 Open Category 1st position; SMOPS 2019 Platinum Award

I love maths since young and was very fascinating with Math Olympiad ! Two months ago, I joined Coco Education. This centre is full of positive energy! The teachers are proactive and very dedicated in their teaching!  Teacher Peng is attentive and patience. I achieved first position in RIPMWC 2019 open category!The modified questions done by teachers are of good standard, it comes with certain level of difficulty and it trained us to analyze the questions from different angles.Over here, I am equally glad to find friends who love and crazy about math just like I do!

我从小就非常喜欢数学,尤其是奥数。两个月前我加入了方老师奥数中心,感觉到这里充满了正能量,老师们都非常地积极。彭老师的练习题也很有难度,训练我们从各个角度分析问题。在老师细心并耐心的分析和教导下,让我在短时间内进步神速,获得了RIPMWC 6年级组第一名的好成绩 !非常感谢中心的老师们,任何时候,只要有疑问都会给予帮助和指导,同时我也很高兴能和一群热爱数学的同学们在一起学习。

Nan Hua Primary School

Achievement: RIPMWC 2019 Open Category High Distinction; SMOPS 2019 Platinum Award

Thank you Mr Fang and Mr Peng for teaching me Math Olympiad. You not only helped me build a solid foundation in mathematics, but also brought me into a magical Math world. The novel problem solving solutions made me open-minded and more interested in Math Olympiad. Mr Fang and Mr Peng always encourage me to summarise the questions, truly understand the solutions and try to grasp the intentions of question setters, rather than repeating to do the questions blindly. Thank you Mr Fang and Mr Peng for actively preparing me for the Math Olympiad competitions. Effectively studying Math Olympiad allowed me to persevere my interests in Piano and Ballet during my busy GEP course and other studies like Math Masterclass and Science Olympiad.

感谢方老师和彭老师对我奥数学习的教导,不仅帮我打下扎实的数学基础,而且带我领略了数学的神奇,新颖的解题思路使我眼界大开,让我对奥数产生了更加浓厚的兴趣。方老师和彭老师经常鼓励我要多总结,多思考,一定要把题目的解题思路琢磨透,尽量领会出题老师的意图,而不要盲目的反复做题。谢谢方老师和彭老师积极帮助我备战各种奥数比赛,使我可以在兼顾GEP课程,钢琴,芭蕾,奥科,数学master class之余性价比超高得学习奥数。

Rosyth School

Achievement: RIPMWC 2019 Open Category HighDistinction; SMOPS 2019 Platinum Award

Thank you Mr Fang and Mr Peng for helping me to build a strong foundation in Maths Olympiad and for inspiring me to like Maths Olympiad (although I do not like to do questions) and become from a boy who knows nothing about Maths to what I am now. Without both of your guidance, I would not have made it this far and would have given up long ago. I feel that I am very fortunate to have teachers like you and thank you for tutoring me all these years once again!


Nan Hua Primary School

Achievement: RIPMWC 2019 Open Category 3rd position; SMOPS 2019 Platinum Award

Thank you, Fang Lao Shi, for helping me build a good foundation and teaching me so many solving skills. The problem solving abilities have been strengthened in a quite short time, and further bring me the interest in math Olympiad in a higher level. Thanks for your kind intentions, we are encouraged to complete our homework with STAR award. Thank you, Peng Lao Shi, in your class, gradually, I experience the art of the problem-solving, appreciate the beauty and power of math and enjoy the fun in learning and competing with my classmates.Thanks to the patience and guidance from Fang Lao Shi and Peng Lao Shi, my solving strategies and speed have improved a lot. Thank you, Fang Lao Shi and Peng Lao Shi.


We welcome all interested students to join us!
For registration, please contact school admin at +65 92314641 / +65 98537803 or visit our website to register your interest.


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