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Creative Inventors Pte. Ltd.

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Creative Inventors sold to Discovery Garden

I have reliable insider sources that Creative Inventors have been sold to Discovery Garden and that Creative Inventors shall cease to exist soon. The staff are now taking turns to clear their personal days as it cannot be brought forth to the new owners. The current principal/center manager Mrs. jen Tay shall be replaced by the principal of Discovery Garden at Hill top, teacher Priscilla. The takeover shall be complete by the end of year 2015. The campus at Tung Po ave will undergo a renovation and students at the campus will temporarily attend classes at the Hill top campus.

Hope this info helps.

Surprising & Unbelievable facts

Is it really happened?

I have heard the school going to close off soon due to lots of problems.

I am sure definetely current management won’t help to support teachers and also on childs facilities improvements.

School principal not updating the parents promptly. 


True dedicated teachers and principal!

The changing of principal or teachers was never for the worst. It has always been for the better. Unlike other schools where the school principal mainly sits in office, Jen has always been one to help feed the kids, sometimes teach and help the teachers on the ground. She can easily update me on all my 3 daughters studies or behaviour without asking the teachers. This is why a small school with less students is better than.a big school with so many kids. Lesser student to teacher ratio. In my daughter’s previous childcare, the ratio was 1:15 and daughter was so mischievous not listening to class due to lack of attention. However the ratio in Creative Inventors Preschool is much better and lower. Its not the quantity or no of awards or branches that matters, its the quality of education and teachers that matters.On top of the low student teacher ratio, teachers and principal never fail to try to help with whatever proplems I am facing. I am staying in Sembawang yet I send my kids here (strongly recommended by my cousins whose kids been in this school for a long time). Today I am extremely touched with Creative Inventors Preschool today. With Daddy not in Singapore and Mummy was so sick at work, with down with vomiting, chills & rigors and fever 39.8 needing to rush home as Mummy can’t even sit up. Then comes daughter’s principal and senior teacher who kept calling to update on daughter’s fever and tepid sponged her. At last when daughter’s temp was 39.2 and breathing heavily, after seeking permission not only the principal, helped to send daughter to the clinic, she also sent daughter straight home at door step after seeing the doctor. A true teacher’s dedication. This a a true test of a teacher/ principal commitment to the kids. She could have just continue to tepid sponge and let daughter home via school bus. Instead the school went an extra mile.

Be happy about what's happening in the future :)

Hi Fiona,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your interest in Creative Inventors Preschool. The reason for the changes of school staff is individual and personal. The school has already informed of the changes that are happening in April with regards of the change in Principal namely myself. I’ve also been keeping our parents as updated about the happenings in our centre. We have also involved our parents in more activities happening around in the school recently as I believe that parents have the right to know what their children are doing and learning in the school. Our current teachers are definitely qualified and approved by ECDA. There is definitely a hierachy in any childcare or organisation for that fact found, they are just labelled and known in different ways and an organisational chart is available outside on the parents’ notice board. If there are more enquiries about us, I would appreciate if you could drop me an email and I would respond to it as soon as I see it. (I don’t often come into the forum as often as I see my email :)) Thanks for your understanding 🙂




Unhappy parents due to the school sudden changes

Dear Jen,

Nice to Hear from you.

You didn’t mention why there is a sudden changes of teachers and principal. Did they are not qualified as per MCYS standards? Did all the current teachers are MCYS approved ? Can you able to display all the teachers details in the notice board as like other schools?

Do you have any hirarchy ? Principal , Vice principal, Senior Teacher, Teacher, Senior Teacher Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Cleaner, Physical trainer, Nurses or Asst nurses…






Creative Inventors Preschool

Dear all parents,

I am Mrs Jen Tay, the current principal of Creative Inventors Preschool. As many of you may know, there have been quite a lot of matters happening in the school. It has not been easy for our parents and future parents who have (or decided to) entrust your child and children in Creative Inventors Preschool. I believe that parents have the right to know what his/her child or children is/are doing and learning in the school and I have decided to address the many concerns that parents may have.

My teachers and I, though new to the setting of Creative Inventors Preschool, are not greenhorns in the Early Childhood education field. Like most early childhood educators, we are qualified educators and are passionate about educating our younger generation in a holistic and nurturing environment backed by an award-winning curriculum provider like Town For Kids; which uses multimedia as a learning platform for children to further enhance their learning experience through the lessons delivered daily.

My teachers are also a passionate bunch who constantly prepare teaching aids and materials (on top of the curriculum) to make learning more comprehensive, fun and educational for the children. This being said, we are not all perfect. We are also human who tend to make mistakes and have mis-communication from time to time. We hope to seek your understanding and patience while we rectify issues and matters close to heart.

For existing parents and potential parents, our channels of communication are always open. Whenever there’s a need to highlight certain concerns and issues that you might have with regards to school matters or your child, feel free to call us at 6457-5306 from 1pm to 3pm during the children’s nap to get access to our teachers so as to know your child or children’s progress better in school. Alternatively, you may write in their communication books to get more information and my teachers will gladly address your concerns. You may also choose to write in to and it will automatically be redirected to my work email. (I also do not want to receive spam mails in my work email, lol!)

Last but not least, it took me a lot of courage and time to write this message  and address some concerns that are prevailing and I would like to give credits to a set of parents who encouraged me to do so.

Creative Inventors @ Tung Po

November 2013

I enrolled my child in this school for two reasons: (1) the lower than MCYS recommended student teacher ratio; and (2) there are no vacancies in the school that I really want to put my child in.

Being with this school for a few months, I am disappointed with a few things:

(1) Administration/paperwork is poorly managed at the school. Months after I have filled out the GIRO form, the school is still confused as to whether I intend to pay by cash or GIRO. 

(2) In the few months, I have seen two really friendly teachers exit the school, and 1 new recruit barely survived for a week. I suspected something might not be right.. perhaps some politics going on. I guess if teachers aren’t happy working there, the kids can’t be too elated too.


3 April 2014

I just found out today that this preschool has been sold to new owners which had triggered a mass resignation – now it makes sense why over the last 5 months the old staff have constantly been replaced with new faces. There are eight staff in total, from the principal down to the lunch lady and they are all gone! Yet the management nor the principal was responsible enough to inform parents about the massive change… They have failed to realise this does not affect the staff alone but the parents and children as well. Some of the new staff new so lost and not too approachable – what else will be changing? teacher-student ratio? Programme curriculum? I asked what’s going on and my child’s teacher refused to say anything.

According to hearsay amongst the parents, the principal (who had formally informed us all that she was leaving to take care of family matters) will be back in another school in a few months time and taking with her some of the old staff. No one really knows what is going on with creative inventors at this point but if all the staff have resigned, it cannot be good. I just hope the new owners are not a bunch of assholes. Our children’s future is at stake here and we parents have the right to know what is going on.

Creative Inventors Preschool

We feel absolutely comfortable sending our kids to Creative Inventors Preschool. They enjoy the school everyday it seems…

The teachers and Principal are very professional and friendly. They’ve impressed us with their creative initiatives at the Halloween party which was held last week. 

Outlook of the school is not that important afterall… what matters most to me are the PEOPLE who work with our kids. Very unlike Figaro’s experience, I do not have such encounters with the school. Conversely, I thought they are rather prompt in responding to my needs.

Being with the school for a year, I didn’t know that the Supervisor (I suppose is the Principal) ever gives out her mobile number to any of us. Hence, no chance to send her any sms but she’s always within my easy reach through the school office number 🙂

Creative Inventors

Hard to get in touch with the supervisor.  She is not prompt replying to emails or SMSes.


The place seriously needs to be spruced up. It’s kinda old and there’s no auto-gate, which is inconvenient when it pours.

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