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Dreamkids Kindergarten @ East Gate

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Address: 46 East Coast Road #01-03 East Gate S428766

Telephone: 6348 8078



LEARNING COMES ALIVE AT DREAMKIDS, an unconventional preschool with an emphasis on bilingual literacy (English & Chinese), values and 21st Century skills.


Our curriculum brings context and real life experiences together in a fun, engaging and stimulating manner to help our children make sense of the world around them. Based on the fun learning approach, a world  class education approach from Finland, we create a safe and inspiring learning space that fosters and promotes creativity and critical communication skills, nurturing happy, resilient and confident children who dare to dream and create the change they want to see in the world.

What Parents Say

Ms Elisa (Parent whose child is in the Playgroup Class)
I was very apprehensive at first about enrolling my timid two year old son in playschool, because of his separation anxiety. Dreamkids was the only school where I felt truly comfortable and confident that the teachers would care for him and manage him well during the initial adjustment period. They gave me frequent updates on how my son was doing, which was very reassuring. I am amazed at how quickly my son has adjusted, and how much he enjoys the activities. He has improved socially, and is less jumpy in the presence of other children. The teachers here are passionate, loving and firm, and I couldn’t be happier leaving my son in their care. Thank you so much, Dreamkids!

Ms Chanchal (Parent whose child is in the N1 class)
Myra has improved so much in her communication and reasoning skills. And her  knowledge is taking wings. Really 21st century school and school of heart. I see clearly all  the teachers are so caring and deeply involved. Thank you Ms. Dawn and your team.

Ms Amrutha Shyam (Parent whose child is in the N1 class)
I am really pleased and happy that Dhwani’s learning so much by having so much fun. She wakes up everyday saying, “I want to go to school” Thank you all so much!

Ms Irene Lee (Parent whose child is in the bilingual programme)
Our daughter, Charlotte has been attending your weekend classes. As parents, we all hope that she enjoys herself and has fun in school which she does. Everyone we encountered in school including the operators and teachers have been passionate, friendly and patient. We will definitely recommend the school to our friend.

Mr Kong (Parent whose child is in the K1 class)   
Happy Teachers, Happy Children! From my kids giving Hi-5s to people at Raffles Place to creating their own toys, Dreamkids Kindergarten is a surprising preschool that goes beyond academics, and focuses on the holistic education that is necessary for success! More importantly, my 3 kids love their teachers and look forward to going to school to learn everyday!

Ms Rasna Dang (Parent of Bir Dang)   
My son enjoys his Saturday classes He is familiarising himself with the alphabet through Letterland and enjoys the creative arts and crafts. He is also picking up some Mandarin. Great teachers and learning environment!himself with the alphabet through Letterland and enjoys the creative arts and crafts. He is also picking up some Mandarin. Great teachers and learning environment!


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