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Address: Blk 203 Hougang Street 21 #02-87 Singapore 530203

Telephone: 9633 1842




Start to explore school choices for your child. Prepare and start building your child’s Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) profile through DuinoCode’s robotics and coding programmes. 

Sign up for this coming June Holiday 2-day Online Coding Bootcamp for a head start.

No prior coding knowledge required. Sessions are taught by MOE-registered instructors. Limited seats, sign up now!

Online Programme 1: Spikey Blocks (For ages 6 to 8 years)
An introductory crash course into the world of block-based coding. Students will be using mBlock to learn the intricacies of coding with the use of blocks, learning to create interactive graphical programs all by themselves.

Fee: $180
Duration: 2 Days
Dates: 31 May -1 Jun, 3-4 Jun, 7-8 Jun, 10-11 Jun 2021
Time: 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 4pm

Online Programme 2: RoboBattle – JavaScript (For ages 9 years and above)
Students will get to learn algorithmic programming logic and functions through JavaScript. Our program provides a crash course into the foundations of programming, and students will program and battle virtual robots with each other to test their knowledge.

Fee: $180
Duration: 2 Days
Dates: 31 May -1 Jun, 3-4 Jun, 7-8 Jun, 10-11 Jun 2021
Time: 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 4pm

Call: +65 9633 1842 or sign up now:



The world is becoming more digitally entrenched by the day, with more job openings in industries such as software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and robotics. Our mission at DuinoCode™ is to bring STEAM education to our next generation and to nurture them into independent learners with critical computational thinking skills.

We offer full range courses of weekly lessons from basic to advance coding programmes for all ages, from five years and above. Kick start your child’s journey into the world of coding – ranging from beginner-friendly courses to advanced coding courses. Learn through different mediums that fit every learning style.

DuinoCode™ offers courses for:

  • C for Arduino Robotics
  • Python
  • C# for Game Design and Development
  • JavaScript for Web Development




Taught by our MOE-registered instructors, DuinoCode™ courses encompass the learning and implementation of six computational thinking skills – Logical Thinking, Algorithmic Thinking, Scientific Thinking, Conceptual Thinking, Solution-Based Thinking, and Innovation Thinking. These skills are the steppingstones to becoming a computer engineer or an application and game developer.

Your child will learn the foundations of industry standard programming and the building blocks of text-based coding. They will become familiar with the process behind developing and assembling creative solutions to not only programming problems, but also how to apply their computational thinking skills to different fields and their daily lives.



Unique to DuinoCode™, this methodology will instil in your child the following six computational thinking skills:

  • Logical Thinking – the rules of logic and cause and effect, when assimilated, will allow for more accurate results and conclusions
  • Algorithmic Thinking – the ability to arrive at a solution through clearly defined steps
  • Scientific Thinking – applying the scientific method of experimentation to form testable hypotheses, question ideas and determine if something is true
  • Conceptual Thinking – thinking at an abstract level and applying insights to any given situation which is an essential leadership skill
  • Solution-Based Thinking – involves evaluating a current problem or situation and determining reasonable, practical solutions for it
  • Innovation Thinking – coming up with new methods, ideas, or products

Four of the computational thinking skills; Logical, Algorithmic, Conceptual and Solution-Based Thinking, will directly help your child in Mathematics. All six computational thinking skills will enable your child to think through in a disciplined fashion, pay attention to fine detail, avoid making careless mistakes, and apply their creativity to solve complex problems in all their school subjects as well as beyond, in their daily life.

Computational thinking skills are transferable and when your child grows up, the skills can be applied across various fields ranging from engineering to finance, legal, marketing, corporate services, and scientific research, amongst many others.

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