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Educators Network

Educators Network is an online tuition matching service that has evolved due to the current pressing needs of the education landscape.   We leverage on this innovation which is the first of its kind in the education landscape to incorporate the following fully integrated platforms:

  • Website
  • iOS mobile application
  • Android mobile application

Educators Network understands the need of parents as it is established up by ex-MOE educators who are also parents themselves.  Educators Network strives to safeguard the interests of all our parents and students. 

Our mission is to help both our students and educators to realise their potential.  Through our platforms, we want to foster a vibrant learning community among the students and the educators. 

Highly Qualified Educators

All of our recommended tutors are selected and verified by our experienced educational consultants.  When parents make a request for a tutor, they can access any of the above portals to submit their request at zero cost.  We have a large pool of highly qualified educators to suit the learning needs of individual students.  We also encourage parents to view the profiles of our premium educators for their possible selection from our portal. 

Ease of Mind with Good Customer Service

As an established network, our parents can have an option to pay their tuition fees through us, using any major locally accepted credit cards (either for the first month or long term).  Our parents appreciate the friendly and efficient communication experiences with our education advisors as well. 

We want our students to achieve

In order to provide additional learning support for our students, we also provide the following value added services.  We share short and useful articles to support students’ learning needs.  Parents can book for a premium online chat consultation service with a highly qualified and experienced education consultant for advice on issues faced by their child.  In addition, we also offer a robust and systematic monitoring system to track out student’s learning progress. (Nominal fees apply)


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