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EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

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Address: Pasir Ris Sports Centre, #01-01/02 120 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519640

Telephone: 6584 8489



Why Choose Us?

  1. Our lessons and curriculum are designed with the emphasis on learning Mandarin the FUN way!
  2. We use games, drama and other interactive activities as teaching tools to make our lessons interesting; so that what’s learnt is retained in the long term memory as opposed to the short term memory when learning through the memorisation method.
  3. We track the progress of each student, cultivating their strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Our regular evaluation allows us to adjust our teaching styles accordingly.
  4. Our teachers give feedback and updates to parents after each class so that we can work closely together in the student’s development.
  5. Our teachers are highly qualified native Mandarin speakers who can also converse fluently in English, enabling effective communication with non-Mandarin speaking families and with students who are extremely weak with their Mandarin listening skills.
  6. We specialise in helping students who dislike learning Mandarin and have lost their interest in the subject. Our aim of making every lesson tons of fun and ensuring that new vocabularies are easily learnt through our interactive teaching methods, turn all these ardent ‘Mandarin haters’ into students who can’t wait to come back for their next lesson with us!
  7. We specialise in helping foreign students from the various international schools improve their Mandarin. Our Language in Action programme is specially designed for international school students based on the various international school Mandarin syllabus.

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