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Faith Educare Centre (Seng Kang)

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A childcare i recommend all parents to enroll their child. Ive managed to talk to the staff there in Faith Educare and they were very friendly and professional. I really feel that the childcare best suits my child :) Im a mother of 2 and im currently placing both of my son over at this childcare.

by on Fri, 16/12/2016 10:13am

Faith Educare Centre in SK

Hi, Mrs Khai here. How is Faith Educare Centre? Are they good? I thought of sending my kids there as I just collected my keys to my new flat last week @ Fernvale. Maybe end of Nov we will move there. To my surprise, I called all the child care especially near Fernvale, there’s no more vacancy for 2012 and under waiting lists. The only one that has vacancy is Kinderland SK and Faith but Faith i can only sent my kids April next yr. Pls advise~

Thank u. Have a nice day. God bless

Faith Educare Blk 201A

My child is in here too. It’s just opposite my block.  Little inconveniences are the crossing of roads from my place and scorching sunlight in the morning.

Hi, my girl is in faith

Hi, my girl is in faith educare, her cc is in blk 201A, which faith educare you are lookin at??

Anyone in this cc?

Anyone in this cc? Pls comment. Thks

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