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Here at Frankel Tutors we abide by our core mission of developing the lifelong learner in our students. Students enjoy learning when they are successful, and success makes them want to learn more. We have been dedicated to this since 1996, and we shall do this as long as students need help!

Frankel tutors

Frankel Tutors
Frankel Tutors
Danial S.: “Thank you, Ms Maria, for all the help you have offered this year! I was struggling with my A Maths throughout Sec 3 and you helped me greatly to finally get a distinction in O Levels. I am truly grateful, thank you again!”
Curine C.: “Thanks Mr Tan for helping me achieve such a better result and I could tell that under your guidance, I definitely improved so much. You’re a great teacher!”
Deryn L.: “Mr Tan was patient in answering any questions we had on Chemistry and explained it well for us to understand. He also allowed us to come to the centre to revise our work and ask him questions, and it had helped me as I was able to clarify any doubts I had, and also I was able to complete more Chemistry work and papers! I was able to understand the concepts better by clarifying with Mr Tan and noting down the common mistakes that I had made.”
James C.: “Thank you, Mr Jeremy, for making Science so fun and easy to understand! And thank you, Ms Li, for patiently guiding me through my Chinese, I learnt a lot! You, teachers, are great! I enjoy the classes!”

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