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Why was 9 beads Abacus being innovated
9 Beads Abacus was innovated to resolve the challenge a young learner will face in learning One-Four beads Abacus. It’s simplify the abacus learning in

  • The value of each bead on the abacus represent 1. This make the counting of the beads logical and less abstract for the young
  • Learn the pairs of numbers that make 10 only. Unlike the One-Four Beads Abacus, the learner has to learn number bond of 5 and 10 which sometimes they will be confuse with the pairing
  • The step to carry-over on addition and “borrowing” on subtraction are make easier with lesser set of formulae to remember and apply them appropriately

abacus-around-the-world-soroban-img2xOne-Four Beads Abacus
This is the traditional abacus also known as Soroban. The beads above the divider which also known as Heaven Bead represent a value of 5. The beads below the divider which is the Earth Bead represent the value of 1.



abacus-around-the-world-9-beads2x9 Beads Abacus
The 9 Beads Abacus is a new generation abacus that is specially designed for young learners. Each beads represent a value of 1.




Why choose Fun with Abacus?
Our carefully selected group of dedicated teachers are always ready to

  • find ways to help their students to learn
  • motivate them with encouragement
  • set realistic goals that are neither too easy nor too difficult to achieve
  • work along with parents to guide the students

Why 9 Beads Abacus as the teaching tool
We have been using the 9 Beads Abacus as a tool, and have continuously refined our program until it is systematically structured for the young learners through a set of 10 workbooks to be used for the whole program. These workbooks are tailored according to our local children learning. We conduct a major review on our curriculum and teaching method every yearly. This is to ensure our lessons are deliver effectively to the young learners.

founder-joy-img2xOur founder, Joy Tay had work with the young learners on the One-Four Beads Abacus and witness the difficulties in the learning journey faced by them. She was introduced to the 9 Beads Abacus about a decade ago and decided to switch her teaching tool from One-Four Beads to 9 Beads. She strongly believes that the 9 Beads Abacus is a good tool to make learning easier and yet effective in achieving the same goal for the young learners.


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