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Grace House Kindergarten

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Grace House @ Bukit Batok

If there’s anyone planning to send their kid to this school, I just wanna say that you have made a wise choice indeed, never did I come across with such caring, passionate teachers, and not to mention the well planned school curriculum,  they do more than just teaching! The school environment is indeed well constructed for littles one.

We (me and my hubby), went to so many kindergartens in Jurong, Taman Jurong, hoping to find the ideal one for our girl, we believe in having a good head start, even before P1, is very impt.

We sent our girl to Talent Plus, a preschool near our house while still searching for a dream kindergarten… Almost giving up when someone recommended us GH, but its at Bukit Batok though.

We are told that GH is having open house on xx date, cant really recall… we took leave and went, there’s only 1 vacancy left for Nursery, my hubby quickly run to the nearby ATM, settle the payment and transfer my girl from Talent Plus the very next Month (Feb).  Given a second choice, we will still chose GH, though my girl has been taking school bus since and she’s the first to get up and the last to get down, spending close to 45 mins for each ride to and fro 5 days a week… we didnt a bit regret.

Thank God for Grace House : )


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