Hua Cheng Education Centre Pte Ltd

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Located in Thomson Plaza - easily accessed by bus, taxi or private car. MRT is currently being built - should be ready in a couple of years.

Service Agent - Lyn - Friendly and helpful with information, making sure I had the schedule for 2017 (another colleague jumped in to help write down the schedule based on my enquiry). Offers programs from Nursery to Secondary. Follows MOE curriculum - focus seems to be on composition and comprehension. Most lessons are 1.5-2hours. There are between 11-14 lessons per term. Fees ranges from $350-672, theres a registration of $30 and a refundable deposit of $50. Should the student not be able to make it for class - a one week notice is appreciated - one can have make up classes up to 3 times per term. Withdrawal is the standard 1 month notice. They also offer December Holiday Courses for K1-Sec 1. Holiday Courses run between 1.5hours -2hours. They also offer a 3 Days (Full day 9-5pm) Explorer Camp for P2-Sec1 - its a mandarin immersion camp. Hua Cheng is part of Learning Point.

by on Wed, 16/11/2016 12:43pm