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Visited the branch at United Square on a rainy weekday but no drama at all. The 5-minute walk from Novena MRT station kept me dry via the underground pass and sheltered walkway on street level. The location is also well serviced by numerous bus routes and taxis.

We got the attention of the customer service staff as soon as we entered the premise. For primary and secondary students, Hua Language offers three types of classes: Chinese Enrichment, Comprehension and Creative Writing, and Oral, Listening and Communication. While the nature of the 3 types of classes is quite self-explanatory by their respective names, the staff was not able to tell me much more about the differences in the curriculum and how the classes are conducted. I was told there was no writing component in the Oral, Listening and Communication class. In Chinese Enrichment classes, they cover oral and mock tests that follow MOE standards.

Each term starts one week ahead of the MOE school term. Maximum class size is 12 students. Trial class is available at $42.80. We were told their teachers are native speakers from China but not MOE-trained. Besides group classes, individual classes are also available for primary and secondary levels at $60/hour and $70/hour, respectively. During school holidays, full day and Head Start programmes (daily 2-hour classes) are available to keep the young minds busy.

For N1 to K2 levels (3 to 6 year olds), there are 2 types of programmes – Speech and Drama, and Pre-School Chinese Foundation. For children 1.5 to 3 years old, you can go for the Parent and Child Playgroup Programme. Class duration for the younger kids (up to N2 level, 4yo) is 1.5 hours each session. Individual and group classes for non-native speakers are also available.

While we were enquiring, I saw some primary school-aged students going in and out of the premise freely. The students were not asked where they were going before they head out. As a parent, I would prefer to have seen more vigilant monitoring of the students’ movements, especially when there wasn’t any CCTV installed at the entrance.

Rating the effectiveness of service as 2-star due to inadequate curriculum information provided by the customer service staff.

by on Thu, 17/11/2016 12:58pm

Bad holiday program at Hua

Moderator’s Note:

We have been informed that the service provider has already clarified with the parent on her issues.  This case is now closed.

Hightly recommended school

My kid enjoys learning Chinese with HUA and has progressed steadily though he only been there for a short time. Thanks to the teachers who have supported my boy. Well done! 


My daughter enjoy the 2 hours session alot. According to her, the materials is good and teacher helps whenever she faces difficulty. Her mandarin improves since she joins HUA in Primary 3.

Thumbs up to HUA teachers!

Thumbs Up!

My 3yr old girl has been with Hua for 1/2 a yr now. We are from a non Mandarin speaking family and having to hear her speak Mandarin in her everyday life is almost impossible. The only Mandarin environment she’s being expose to is in her childcare. 

We decided to put her in Hua Language after hearing many positive reviews from friends in similar situation. We didn’t expect too much as we just wanted to expose her more to this wonderful language. 1/2 a yr down the road now, she is able to speak in simple sentences quite well now, is able to memorise and sing some children’s songs in Mandarin! 

I’m glad that we found Hua. The teachers are really patient and kind. We are sure my girl will only love this language more with Hua Language. Thank you Hua Language Centre. 

An ideal school for kids to learn Mandarin at HUA

I sent my 4-year-old daughter to a few language centres before.  She cried and did not want to go in.  The third centre I tried was Hua Language Centre at United Square.  Surprisingly she did not cry and was willing to stay there for the whole session.  Finally I signed her up with Hua Language Centre.  The teachers there are great! They are able to handle children with no fear in learning Mandarin.