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Address: 83 Punggol Central, #02-06, Waterway Point, S(828761)

Telephone: 6385 9278 / 6282 5334





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Providers’ Self Assessment

How many branches do you have? More than 20

How far away is your branch closest to an MRT station? Less than 500m

Do you offer home-based or online teaching? No

How regularly do you conduct HFMD/fever monitoring of students? Only when advised by health authorities

How regularly do you clean your place of instruction and equipment? Every day

Do your branches have clearly marked fire exits and SOP for evacuation? Yes

Do your branches have security cameras or guards continuously monitoring entrances and exits? All of them

Are your classrooms sound-proofed? Only some

Are your classrooms air-conditioned? All of them

Do you allow make-up classes? Anytime during the term

Are your customer-service officers trained with good product knowledge? Regularly training

What is the hourly rate for your most popular course? <$50

Do you offer any means for your customers to reduce their costs? Discounts for recommendations

Do you offer trial classes? No

What is your policy for deposits? Only if 1 month notice is provided

Do you charge additional for materials on top of your service fees? Ad-hoc

Do students go through a placement test before being accepted? Yes

Are students trained based on their abilities? Weaker students given special assistance

How structured are your courses? Structured with proper framework

Is your curriculum aligned with MOE's syllabus/guidelines Somewhat aligned

Is your pedagogy endorsed by any body? Endorsed by experts

What is the teacher:student ratio? 1:8

What is the minimum qualification for your trainers? A-Levels/Diploma

Do you provide training for your teachers specific to their assignments? At least 1 week

Are your teachers certified by NIE? Some

What is the experience of your least experienced teacher? <6 months

What is the average length of service of your teaching staff? >1 year

How often do you report to parents on the progress of students? Every lesson

Do you allow parents to sit in your classes? Ad hoc on parents' requests

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