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Address: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-54 Singapore 588179

Telephone: 82513684


Website: is a premium tuition centre in Singapore that specializes in A-level Economics tuition. To ensure a high quality of delivery, all lessons are fully conducted by Mr Anthony Fok, one of Singapore’s “top 5 most sought-after Super Tutors”, featured on the local Sunday Times newspapers.

A former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher, Mr Anthony Fok has several years of teaching experience in various schools. He is well versed in guiding students to answer tough examination questions and has written the Economics Ten Year Series (TYS) and numerous Economics guidebooks sold in Singapore and overseas.

JCeconomics  JCeconomics

Our weekly Economics tuition lessons give students ample revision and techniques on answering case studies and essays. Detailed notes and essay structures are given for students to gain a better grasp of examination requirements. Mr Anthony Fok often highlights the latest microeconomics and macroeconomics news events that happen both locally and overseas. This will give students real-world knowledge so that they can apply their content knowledge to answer examination questions on these issues. Recent events such as the USA subprime crisis and Eurozone crisis are also covered in the lessons.

By attending Mr Anthony Fok’s Economics classes, students will be able to see the inter-linkages between the various topics and critically analyse the examination questions. The results that produces are evident. Majority of our students score ‘A’s and ‘B’s in the A-level examinations. Join us to experience the joy of learning Economics now!
Clarice Tay
Nanyang Junior College

“I have definitely benefited greatly from the lessons taught by Mr Fok. My Economics grades improved tremendously after attending his lessons. Apart from that, he also taught us soft skills which I feel is very valuable for our future. Besides, I also appreciate his flexibility as he allows makeup timing for his lessons. In addition, he is very dedicated and would answer any queries we have even outside class through SMS/whatsapp. He also puts in extra effort to mark and provide feedback for the extra assignments we do despite his busy schedule. He provides ample economics resources to aid our learning. His lessons are engaging, well-structured and closely aligned to the syllabus. He imparts essay answering techniques, case study skills and highlights the important keywords to us which is a crucial requirement in the exams. All in all, I am grateful for his constant encouragement and guidance throughout the year! Thank you for helping me get A for Economics!”

Jerlin Huang
St. Andrew’s Junior College
“Mr Fok is a very patient and friendly teacher who puts in a lot of effort into every lesson, he tries his best to make the lesson interesting by preparing jokes and stories to tell us during breaks in between lessons. He is also available after lesson time through whatsapp/SMS where we can ask him any questions we have while we’re studying. Mr Fok also takes the extra effort and time to mark the essays we submit to him, no matter how many there are! He even prepares mock examinations and taught us critical examination skills which was really helpful. I’m really thankful to have met such a dedicated and supportive tutor who has helped me to improve to an A grade!”

Xu Ke
River Valley High School
“Thank you for helping me get an ‘A’ in Economics!!! I could not have achieved it without your guidance. I found the revision packages very useful — they were concise and summarized many of the different types of questions and their answering techniques, which made studying much more effective given the tight span of time we have to revise. Furthermore, the supplementary notes and different essay outlines also increased my exposure to a large range of questions. I really enjoy your dedicated teaching and your lessons are so interesting!! I definitely enjoyed learning Economics from you!”
Rahul Sibal
Victoria Junior College
“An intelligent, engaging and caring teacher; there is little else that can describe Mr Fok. A true Economics guru this man, with his guidance, I was able to improve in Economics (and fast may I add) and craft all-rounder essays. CSQs became less daunting, and much easier to tackle after learning the tricks from him. His notes are marvelous and beautifully explained. I would recommend him to any student without hesitation. Thank you Mr Fok, it has been a pleasure learning from you. Thanks for helping me achieve an A in Economics!”
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-54 Singapore 588179 (Enter via 5th floor lift lobby glass door entrance) (Beside Beauty World MRT Station)
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