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Joy Little Schoolhouse Pte Ltd

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Joy Little Schoolhouse

Joy Little Schoolhouse is the first Mandarin Immersion Child Care Centre in Singapore to deliver a curriculum, which capitalises on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, wholly in Chinese. 

Our aim is to cultivate Mandarin language in young children. We focus on communication, word recognition, Chinese culture and calligraphy. We make learning fun for our children and our main medium of instruction is in Mandarin.

Every child has an appetite for sensory nourishment. Sensory integration provides opportunity for children to allow their senses to work together while being engaged in an activity. The aim of setting up this room is to provide a bank of experiences that will enhance sensory integration and improve children’s gross motor skills.

We have a monthly changed theme play room to make the learning full of fun. While children are free to explore and learn from the set-ups, Chinese teachers act as facilitators responding to children only in Chinese language. Our students get to experience life in different settings when they participate in fun dramatic theme. Dramatic play allows children to use role-playing to understand how they can interact with the environment and develop important skills such as creativity, concentration, language, social and problem solving skills.

Our outdoor playground has been designed for children to play freely and safely. Playing outdoor is a form of exercise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. Outdoor play also gives children an opportunity to explore their environment, gain self-confidence, and develop muscle strength and co-ordination. We also have a beautiful garden. A garden is a fantastic way for children to learn about basic scientific facts of seasons, growth, sun and water and where vegetables come from.

Our Montessori programmes are conducted in Chinese. Children are given opportunities to have hands on the Montessori materials. They learn by trial and error with specifically designed materials that are self-corrective. There are materials for all subject areas, including sensorial development and practical life skills.

To preserve our Chinese culture, our K1 and K2 children are engaged in Calligraphy and Chinese Painting lessons once a week. These lessons are led by our master who assists them in learning the art of writing the strokes and painting beautifully.


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