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Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

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Address: 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #05- 08 Singapore 287994

Telephone: 6463 3465



At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we believe that each child has the innate desire to learn. With creative and experiential learning approaches, our curriculum harnesses that enthusiasm and fuels our little ones’ curiosity and creativity.

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Children learn best through play. As such, we include games, puppetry, multimedia and sports so that our students are constantly engaged and inspired to learn. This sets the foundations to foster critical thinking skills and develop creativity in our students.

Most importantly, we hone in on the individual needs of each child to ensure a progressive and enriching learning journey for him or her.  


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Our Centres:

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #05- 08 (S) 287994
Tel: 6762 8878

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @Newton
420 Clemenceau Ave North #01-02 (S) 229492
Tel: 6734 0390

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena
1 Novena Terrace (S) 307903
Tel: 6355 0555

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ENV
40 Scotts Road, Environment Building #06-00 (S) 228231
Tel: 6733 4402

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @Cactus
39 Cactus Crescent (S) 809741
Tel: 6482 1956

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @Braddell
18 Sommerville Walk (S) 358187
Tel: 6285 8826

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @Upper Bukit Timah
12 Lor Pisang Batu (S) 597925
Tel: 6464 6618


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