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Kidz Playhouz Kindergarten

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Poor Teachers and Curriculum

I am not sure how this school gets the previous good rating from parents. 

A mommy I knew wanted to send her child who is slower in learning  to this school but was told by the person in charge Liza to send her child to a special school since she has many concerns and questions. The teachers are lukewarm and the attitude when questions are raised is like take-it-or leave it. 

I feel bad asking this mummy to try out this school based on kiasu parents rating and previous comments from friends. My friends are both ex SIA stewardess and steward who  had their boy (6) and girl toddler (4) in this school. I met the parents recently and discovered that the boy just get transferred out this year because the parents feel that the boy is lagging behind his peers even with enrichment lessons on weekend and one to one home tuition. Basically the curriculum in the school is weak and the way the teachers engage the students is poor.

My friends had to lie to school that they are moving away from sengkang to get their boy to transfer out to another kindergarten, as the teachers in the school will stop caring and be very cold towards anybody who opt out for reason other than moving out. Also, their toddler girl is still in nursery class at kidz playhouz, and even though she will be joining her brother soon, it’s to ensure the best interest of their girl.  They regretted putting the son in kidz playhouz as he is very bright and articulate very well, but the school and the teacher did not develop his potential and he now really lags behind his peer, and need to catch up really fast to prepare for primary school.  He is now few weeks with the new kindergarten and he’s doing much more than he’s doing in the few years with kidz playhouz.  His parents are very pleased now.




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