Kinder Corner 2

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KinderCorner 2

While working at Science Park 2 in 2001, I had the great fortune to have a childcare centre right in the building where I worked. It was the KinderCorner 2. So all I have to do was to park my 2 year old son there in the morning and then bring him home at the end of the day. The centre is also used by parents of doctors and nurses who work in the nearby NUH, and I believe they have a bus ferry service. The rates were very reasonable for a full day service. Most of the teachers were very friendly and caring towards the children, and my son preferred going to "school" to staying home with the maid. Other than excursions, they also hold annual concerts where they get the children to perform. I would have given them full marks if they offered more enrichment classes like music or swimming lessons.