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Located in Thomson Plaza - easily accessed by bus, taxi or private car. MRT is currently being built - should be ready in a couple of years.

Service Agent - Michelle - Knowledgeable and helpful with information. I am however, a little confused by what they do - it looks to me that they are a tuition centre but Michelle says they are an enrichment centre. Would love to have the opportunity to understand their programs further.

All their programs have 11-12 lessons per term, lessons duration range from 13/4 hours -2hours. There's a price difference of $30-$40 for weekday and weekend classes. Maximum class size is 12 and a written assessment is required. For some of the classes - parents will need to produce the child's school term results for placement. Registration fees - $30, refundable deposit of $50 per subject, with 1 week notice should if the child is unable to attend lesson due to school activities/ vacation plans - up to 4 make up lessons per term. Most, if not all their teachers are ex and current MOE Teachers. 9 different holiday Programmes are offered - 3-5 days, ranging from 13/4hours - 2hours, offers are for more for students for students from P1-6.

**Special mention: they have Excellence In English for IB students too. First centre I have encountered that offers lessons for IB students.

by on Wed, 16/11/2016 1:05pm