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enrichment classes

the new management has rolled out enrichment & tuition classes from secondary to pri students during late evening and weekends. Got a letter from them informing parents that the classes are taught by ex-school teachers. I am thinking of sending my child for the English creative class. 6 centres in Singapore, must be good.

new management at blk 452 amk

Received a letter from new management in July 10 that they ‘ve taken over the business at blk 452 amk. The new management is Graceland education hub pte ltd. Well, now the daily academic worksheets, food and general day to day operation has been given a big boost. The new teachers there are more professional, patient and responsible. My kid enjoy going there. From what i talk to other parents, their children results have improved a lot. Well, graceland has 5 other centres in singapore. guess they are more pro than previous management, Now this centre is on waiting list. Luckily, i didn’t quit earlier.

On top of that,  I just

On top of that,  I just want to make myself clear, I know some parents might think I am  a Kiasu Parent and always send the kids to the centre early in very lesson. Just to clarify myself, this is the first time and furthermore, with sufficient reasons. As I was told by the kids they are allowed to consult the teacher regarding external school work.

Also, please understand that the reason why I sent them there half an hour earlier is not to affect and disturb the rest of the students participating in the on-going tuition lesson but just to consult! Isn’t that what a tution centre is supposed to provide?

If the learning centre do not accept questions regarding external school work, please inform the parents before hand to avoid giving us such unreasonable and ridiculous excuses thereafter.


Please think twice of

Please think twice of sending your kids to learningmax education centre @ AMK Blk 452. One of their tution teacher is so impatient and irresponsible.

My son and my niece went half and hour early to her centre juz to ask some schoolwork questions, after the tution lesson she will find 3 reasons to force you to withdraw the courses. First reason given by her "I cannot accept your kids to come in half an hour early"; second reason the kids dont have the interest to study, I have to keep repeating and repeating again"; and third reason even more funny "I have to attend course, and I ve checked with other teachers, no one want to take the class".

What the purposes of opening an eduction centre"? So Parents your kids must be Smart and Bright to be qualified.