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Address: Block 71, Loewen Road, #01-03/04, Singapore 248847

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Little Mandarins was founded by a Mum 10 years ago and we understand how challenging the Singapore education system is.  Our MOE Syllabus programme is tailored not just to give your children the specialized help they need to achieve academic excellence in school, but to give them the ability to communicate in Mandarin confidently as well. The tutoring sessions are fast paced and stimulating, designed specifically around the academic rigours of that syllabus. We mix instructional coaching with exercises that help children to apply what they learn and challenge their natural competitive spirit. After 10 years of teaching Mandarin, we know definitively that children need the right motivation and environment to learn. They need customized attention. Our small class sizes (max 8) enable just that. When they are under pressure, the children need encouragement to reach their highest potential. Our dedicated teachers provide this. Little Mandarins’ specialized MOE programmes are for children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary 1 to Primary 6. 










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Located in a lush green area of Dempsey/Loewen - this enrichment centre is housed in a very quaint and spacious black and white. My ideal learning space - for this a 4 star. The downside of it is you have to have a car to get there because the bus stop is a long walking distance away. No MRT within walking distance either and you'll have to call for a taxi - for this a 2 star.

Little Mandarin specializes as per it's name - Mandarin classes. I had the opportunity to observe one of their classes (they made an exception and allowed me the trial class without my child) - it's a class for 4 year olds - it was a full on immersion lesson - the teacher spoke only in Mandarin - no ifs or buts. Observation: when the child replied in English, the teacher acknowledged the answer by saying the answer in Mandarin back to the child and gently encouraged the child to repeat it back to her. And she reinforced it again by getting the whole class to repeat it after her - first the word then in a sentence. Because there was a foreign body in the class (me) - the children were curious and rightfully distracted (curiosity) - they were not paying attention and were doing things to get attention - I was very impressed on how the teacher managed the class, no raise of the tone of her voice, no hint of frustration or irritation - ever so patient with a smile - got the children back to focusing on the lesson. I also noticed that she allowed negotiation instead of forcing the children to do exactly as per the lesson plan - she adapted the lesson based on the negotiation without compromising the content. The lesson was brought alive with music, games, art & crafts and story telling.

I got a glimpse of the other teachers - all native speaking based on their accent, and seeing them surrounded with children's art work and folders. Looking at the children's work - you can tell that a lot of thought, effort and details went into prepping them. Classes are kept small 1 teacher to 8 Classes are kept small 1 teacher to 8 students. They have both group lessons and 1-1 lessons - syllabus preps children for local school. They have weeklong holiday programs available for different age groups.

Communication: Start of term reminders, end of term reports to show where students are at reading, listening and writing, impromptu communication - should there be a need, and mid term updates and a folder to show work done.

Trial classes available, Make up classes up to 3 times in a term. All modes of payment available EXCEPT for credit card. Siblings discount - 2nd at 5% and 3rd at 10%. Holiday program - sign up with friends 3 and above - 10% discount.

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