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Little Village On The Grange

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Hi Playful Mom, i was

Hi Playful Mom,

i was thinking of enrolling my 3yr old girl next year. Now i am skeptical. How about the teachers? They left too?


Ignore old comments below- school is average now

I made the comments above more than 2 years ago. The principal left and everything has changed. Am pulling my son out later this year.

I switched my son from a "3

I switched my son from a "3 star" school closer to our home to this one further away. Even though the hassle factor is bigger, I know I made the right choice- we LOVE this school!

The teachers are very caring. They pay attention to each child and really hone in on their strengths and weaknesses. The principal is also a lecturer so she is very much in tune with the latest developments in childhood education.

Best of all there are lots of concerts and opportunities for parents to be involved in the curriculum. The parents and principal are very open to questions and allow the parents to be as involved (or as uninvolved) as they want.

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