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Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Playground

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Address: Yishun Ave 1, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769139

At Lower Seletar Reservoir, there was a water play area for kids.  There was an area with large fountains for kids to run through and get themselves drenched.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Playground 02

And there was another area where kids could also stand under these ‘flowers’ to let the water rain down on them.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Playground 01 

In between these two areas was a ‘long kang’ – which reminded me a bit of long kang fishing, except there were no fishes inside. 

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Playground 04

It was very shallow, so I often see kids wading around and even lying inside the ‘long kang’.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Playground 03

If you prefer dry play, there was a fitness corner nearby.  I know, fitness corners are not exactly playground.  But this fitness corner was surrounded by sand, so you would not be surprised to find kids bringing their sand toys here to play.

  Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Playground 05

You can also bring your kids’ scooters and bicycles to cycle along the reservoir.

Playground Basic Information

Opening Hours 24 hours
Admission Fee Free
Recommended Age Group 2 and above
Type of Playground Outdoors; Wet
Type of Flooring Pebbled
Handicap-friendly features
Rest area for parents Terrace beside the water play area
Nearby Toilets / Showers Public toilets available nearby
Nearby Food / Drinks Water cooler located near the toilet
Nearby Shelter Where the toilets are
Nearby Parking Public carpark for Lower Seletar Reservoir
Drop off Not allowed


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