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MNB Nurturing Touch Specialists


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Address: 1 Bukit Batok St 22 #08-03 Singapore 659592

Telephone: 9856 1450 / 8143 5049 (call or whatsapp)




MNB Nurturing Touch Specialists have been in the business of advocating the importance positive and respectful touch for all stages of life since 2004. 

We believe our sense of touch is our most important sense, the first to develop in uterus and the last to leave us when we die. This is why a positive touch experience is so important in all stages of life.  Researchers have proven that a lack of a positive touch experience in human beings leads to many physical, mental and emotional problems that we will have now realized that are the cause of many societal issues. 

 M.N.B. M.N.B.

Our programmes use various positive and nurturing touch methods and techniques to help:  
  • NEWBORNS establish a strong and solid relationship with their parents in their first year of life 
  • TODDLERS & CHILDREN learn better and more effectively when touch and movement is integrated into the entire learning experience  
  • YOUTHS, ADULTS & ELDERLY consciously manage and cope with stress in an increasingly stressful society  

M.N.B. M.N.B.

All our trainers and instructors are professionally trained and highly equipped to carry out all our trainings and programmes.  Our programmes are internationally recognized and are solidly researched from angles such as neuro-science, sociology, psychology, medical, educational, etc. 

We aim to add the Nurturing Touch is everything that we do! 

 M.N.B. M.N.B.

Our Programmes 
  • IAIM Infant Massage Parent-Baby Programme (0-12 months babies) 
  • Massage in Schools Programmes – school-based or parent-child classes (2 to 12 years old) 
  • Brain Activation Course for Kids (5 to 13 years old) 
  • IMPACT Wellbeing Programme (13 to 80+ years) 
 Our Training (for those interested to teach the above programmes) 
  • 4 days IAIM Infant Massage Instructor Training  
  • 2 days Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) Instructor Training  
  • 1 day IMPACT Wellbeing Programme Instructor Training  

“When stress piles upon stress without the relief of an equal portion of relaxation, the body begins to shut out all sensory intake and the learning process is completely blocked.”  

Vimala McClure  
(founder of the International Association of Infant Massage) 




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