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Modern Montessori International

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Address: MMI Building 72 South Bridge Road #01-00 Singapore 058702

Telephone: 6220 8200



About MMI

MMI started out in 1989 in Singapore, with the sole purpose of providing Montessori pre-school education. From a little-known methodology back in the 1980s, MMI has helped transformed Montessori education into a household name, with the core purpose of helping children reach their full potential. Apart from offering preschool services and delivering program training, MMI also extends its franchising packages to local and international business partners.

Montessori Education at MMI

Montessori education is an inquiry-based and child-centred learning that fosters self-help and instil independence in young children. Each child is unique and develops at his/her own rate through developmental stages and different learning styles. Our Montessori environment is a nourishing place for your child, designed to meet your child’s needs for self-construction.

Your child’s self-esteem is central to Montessori education. Modern Montessori Preschool believes in providing a rounded learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively and more importantly, socially and emotionally.

We also provide day-care services for children aged 1.5 years old to 6 years old at 14 island wide centres.


MMI Bedok Reservoir (Franchisee)
Blk 743 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470743
Tel: 6242 4274

MMI Katong (Franchisee)
865 Mountbatten Road, #05-44
Singapore 437844
Tel: 6344 2997

MMI Pasir Ris (Franchisee)
515 Elias Road
Singapore 519923
Tel: 6583 5010

MMI Tampines
Blk 939 Tampines Ave 5, #01-167
Singapore 520939
Tel: 6784 2880

MMI East Coast (Kindergarten)
12 Kee Sun Ave
Singapore 457037
Tel: 6244 0321


MMI Compassvale
Blk 248 Compassvale Road, #01-618
Singapore 540248
Tel: 6388 3751

MMI Kovan
91 Kovan Road
Singapore 544914
Tel: 6289 8133

MMI Northstar
7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
Northstar@AMK, #01-46
Singapore 569880
Tel: 6570 1237

MMI Thomson
6 Bright Hill Drive
Singapore 579598
Tel: 6451 1797


MMI Woodlands
Blk 750 Woodlands Ave 4, #01-317
Singapore 730750
Tel: 6369 0700


MMI Bukit Batok
Blk 368 Bukit Batok St 31, #01-485
Singapore 650368
Tel: 6565 5898

MMI Bukit Timah
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Beauty World Centre, #04-05/06/07
Singapore 588177
Tel: 6766 4008

MMI Choa Chu Kang
7 Phoenix Walk
Singapore 668111
Tel: 6762 0117

MMI Civil Service Club (Franchisee)
91 Bukit Batok West Ave 2, #02-02
Block B, Civil Service Club
Singapore 659206
Tel: 6316 6606


MMI Pinnacle
1D Cantonment Road
Pinnacle@Duxton, #03-37
Singapore 085401
Tel: 6634 0070

Enrichment Centres

MMI Jurong East
Blk 131 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-241
Singapore 660131
Tel: 6565 5055

MMI Jurong West
Blk 519 Jurong West St 52, #01-163
Singapore 640519
Tel: 6564 4564

MMI Vista Point (Franchisee)
548 Woodlands Drive 44
Vista Point, #02-14
Singapore 730548
Tel: 6893 3321

MMI Pandan Valley (Franchisee)
Blk 2 Pandan Valley, #01-207
Singapore 597626
Tel: 6468 5855




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Dear Parents,

I would like to share our experience with MMI-Compassvale and overall how MMI works.
My learning is- Money or higher fee can't get you good and ethical teachers in School, FOR ME THEY ARE NOTHING LESS THAN A FRAUD so please be very mindful before sending your kids to this school in particular.

As such we sent our daughter to MMI for Nursary-2, not even 4 years old and we really had horrendous experience with them, they are bunch of liars and having NO INTEGRITY.

In short, one fine day they call us for meeting and asked us to withdraw our kid because my kid is very active and teacher is OLD lady so she was finding hard to manage her properly which we knew and told them well in advance
So instead of fixing the issue they charged some FALSE allegation on kid which we asked them to substantiate and they were NOT able to prove ANYTHING what they claimed and end up telling us lies after lies.

Claim 1-
Camera in School- We asked them to show camera footage, initially they said they have it but later on they declined and informed us they DONT HAVE CAMERA at all, if they are right then why can't they share the clip? - No answers provided by MMI.

Claim 2-
Teacher’s lied-
In due course teachers lied one after another just to prove their point but officially they couldn't prove anything and one thing for sure they don’t have any integrity at all.
So imagine if teachers/management is bunch of liars themselves then what they are going to teach to your kid? To TELL LIES?? And all unethical things in life? is their anything called values in life-probably they only know VALUE of Money only.

We contacted the MMI headquarters but they simply apologies and didn't answered the hard questions or say the mess created by their teachers or the lies which they told us.

We contacted the government authority ECDA but what we understood is they can't help on this except giving WARNING TO SCHOOL, which they did and school does apologies.
It's a shame that related government organisation having its own limit and they can't take strict action against school/management/culprit teachers and MMI simply apologies on whole incident to escape but damage has been already done on our end,
Who will fulfil that? And trauma which child has gone through? These are the questions which are unanswered and will remain unanswered.

So moral of this post is-
1. BE CAREFUL about behaviour of MMI Management and it's teachers.
2. Higher fee doesn’t guarantee good education/value for your kid.

Note- I do have all the mails/communication where all these things are mentioned very clearly and school did apologies on their teacher false claims/misdeeds.


by on Mon, 30/12/2019 10:41am


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