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New Optometry and Ocular Care Centre Pte Ltd [Noocc Eye Centre]


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Address: 190 Changi Road, MDIS Building, #B1-01, near Eunos Mrt. Singapore 419974

Telephone: 65 6471 1771



was setup as an integrated community based primary eye care specialist centre in 2005.  We provide professional, quality and affordable clinical eye examination services and vision care educational programs to the general community in Singapore. 

We are a professionally managed and clinically driven primary eye care specialist centre focusing on ‘Prevention’ and ‘Management’.   Our professional team of clinically-focused optometrists and healthcare practitioners, are supported by a distinguished panel of visiting professors, consultants and medical practitioners. 

Our team is focused on delivering quality eye care services to ensure that your eyes are well managed and taken care of as well as delivering interactive educational programs focusing on the eye and vision in greater detail to promote the importance of eye care to the community.

We feature our own educational interactive Vision Care Learning Hub, a community learning hub for all ages, to create the awareness and promote the importance of eye care. 

Our educational programs enable the participants to learn and understand about the importance of ‘Prepare and Preventive’ eye care.



NOOCC EYE CENTRE is listed by the Ministry of Health in their health professional portal along with eye hospitals such as SNEC, TTSH Eye Centre etc, as one of the centres that provides Diabetic Retinal Photography Services in October 2006.

We provide full works of clinical optometric eye examination services to all ages in the community (from 4 years onwards) ranging from basic eye power test to comprehensive eye health examination services.   

Our clinical services include eye health examination, refractive status assessment, contact lens consultation, contact lens fittings, binocular vision assessment, myopia progression monitoring, corrective optical aids as well as contact lens eye care services etc..


We provide clinical eye health examination services and programs to various companies, unions, organizations, associations etc..

1.   DBS Staff Union  –>  Members and Family Members


2. Singapore Organization of Seamen : Seacare Medical Scheme (SMS)
    –> Members and Family Members


    (Consultation Rooms, Diagnostic Rooms & In-house Eyewear Dispensary)

We provide a wide range of clinical optometric eye examination services, monitoring and management programs for 4 years old and above

Our clinical services include: –

  1. Refractive Status Assessment (Eye Power Test)
  2. Binocular Vision Assessment
  3. Eye Pressure Assessment
  4. Eye Health : Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy examination
  5. Eye Health : Fundus examination
  6. Comprehensive eye examination
  7. Myopia monitoring program
  8. Eye Health management program
  9. Contact Lens Consultation
  10. Contact Lens Fittings & Follow-up visit



Our in-house eye wear dispensary is setup to cater to all your spectacle or eye-glasses) needs to cope with your visual demand of everyday life. 
With your visual needs taken care of, that is one less thing you need to worry about.
Comfortable and clear vision is essential to a good quality life.



  1. We offer thorough eye health assessments that help to identify the issues that may affect your vision currently or in future.
  2. You will have the opportunity to create a baseline of your eye health status for future comparison.
  3. With our ever-changing eyes, routine comprehensive eye examinations are recommended to ensure that any potential changes may be detected early.


    (Eye Power Test) for 4 years & above


  • It is important to ascertain whether you are able to see as you should. We will ensure that you are prescribed with comfortable spectacle power to address your daily visual needs. 
  • Especially for young children who are unable to tell if they are developing poor vision, it is important to ensure that appropriate eye tests are done periodically and the children are closely monitored for their vision development and myopia progression.
  • If you wear eye-glasses all day it is important to ensure that appropriate eye checks are done periodically.  Overpowered or underpowered eye- glasses can affect your visual comfort hence your productivity or performance at work.
  • Our refractive status assessments are very thorough giving you comfortable vision all day.


II. BINOCULAR VISION ASSESSMENT (Coordination of the Eyes)


Do your eyes work together well?

Having two eyes means that they need to work together well for you to see comfortably.  Do you
find yourself experiencing tired eyes, fatigue, eye strain or double vision after a long day?  If so, vision assessments of your eye coordination can potentially unveil the causes of these symptoms.

Particularly so for young children, their learning outcome may be affected if they do not have good visual skills.  It is important to ensure that appropriate eye tests are conducted periodically to closely monitor a child’s vision and visual skills development.  A child’s visual assessments during their developing years is crucial and essential for optimum learning  outcomes.

Binocular vision assessment checks the coordination of your two eyes.  Without good eye coordination, you may experience uncomfortable vision that will lead to symptoms like fatigue, eye strain, headaches, double vision or poor depth perception.  Determining your binocular vision status is an important step in investigating such symptoms.


III.  TONOMETRY (Eye Pressure Check) &

1.  Are your eyes healthy?

  • If you have never had your eye health checked, you cannot be sure if they are. Some eye diseases can develop without any symptoms at the initial stage e.g. cataract, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration.
  • Our clinical assessment processes evaluate the health of both the front (anterior) and back (posterior) of your eye and this will give you an indication to the status of your eye health.

2. Do you understand?

  • How often do you feel like you do not understand what is going on with the outcomes of your health checks?
  • You can be assured that you will not feel that way at the end of your comprehensive eye examination with us.
  • At the end of the process, you will be enlightened on your visual status and understand the common eye diseases that you will need to watch out for.


 i. TONOMETRY (Eye Pressure Check)


Tonometry is a test that is commonly conducted during a routine eye check-up. 
It can detect changes in eye pressure.  As these changes within the eye are often painless, they can persist for years undetected.  So, it is important to have routine assessment as it can help determine if you are at risk of developing glaucoma. 

Glaucoma is an eye disease that arises from fluid build-up within the eye and damage to  the optic nerve. If untreated, the pressure can eventually damage the optic nerve  resulting in a loss of vision.

     Eye Health Assessment – Anterior (Front) Structures


1. SLIT-LAMP EXAMINATION – ANTERIOR (Front) Eye Health Assessment

A thorough assessment of the lids and anterior part of the eye, allows us to pick up conditions such as Inward-Growing Eyelashes which can be quite damaging to the cornea (eye surface).  If left unmanaged, it can potentially lead to scarring of the cornea.

As you approach 30s or 40s, it is very important to monitor your eye health as this can affect how well you can see.  There are various eye conditions that we can detect in an anterior eye health examination, such as  dry eye, corneal degeneration, lids issues,  growth on conjunctiva, cataract (lens yellowing) etc.


We conduct proper fitting of contact lenses and its necessary follow-up. 

Contact lenses provide good vision without the hassle of wearing eye-glasses.

  • Its interaction with the cornea (front surface) of your eye means that contact lens wearer bears a risk of infection.
  • Our fitting process ensures you have the most appropriate contact lenses for your everyday needs, so it is important to find the right fit.

With the right contact lenses and healthy eyes, you can enjoy comfortable vision   without eye-glasses.


iii. FUNDUS EXAMINATION (Retinal Photography / Ophthalmoscopy)
      Eye Health Assessment – Posterior (Back) Structures


Fundus examination involves the photographic examination of the posterior structures of the eye, to document the condition of the eye and detect   abnormalities.  

It is used to evaluate vascular and structural changes at the back part of the eye and for assessing the progression of eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic  retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy and macular degeneration

It is also used to document changes at the back part of the eye due to the increasing short-sightedness. 

As these changes within the eye are often painless, and does not affect vision at   its initial stage, they can persist for years undetected.

 Therefore, it is important to have routine eye health assessment of the fundus as it can help determine if you are at risk of developing eye condition.  

It also enables you to monitor and manage the changes of eye conditions.



We feature a wide range of optical corrective aids to meet the needs of every individual.

Our range of spectacle frames and ophthalmic lenses are catered to people of all ages –  from young children to senior citizens.  We also have safety eyewear options available.

Our eyewear products include branded spectacle frames, ophthalmic lenses & sunglasses:-

  • Spectacle frames, UV protected sunglasses,
  • Single vision lens for far or near correction
  • Myopia Control lens for management of myopia progression.
  • Multi-focal (progressive) lens for those who have developed presbyopia (‘Lau Hua Yan‘).
  • Digital lens for deskbound and IT professionals etc.
  • Blue Light Filter, Transitions or Polarized lens coating options are available for additional eye protection.

We also provide a wide range of single vision and multi-focal vision — daily and monthly disposable contact lenses.

 The brands include: Acuvue, Air Optix, Avaira Vitality, Proclear and many more..





In Year 2006, we launched a community project the Vision Care Hub.  It is an interactive community learning hub for all ages.  We took 18 months to design, developed and built this learning hub before it was launched in Year 2008 by Mr Hawazi Daipi.

This educational learning hub is supported and managed by Noocc Eye Centre since 2008.  

It showcases the impact of technology, lifestyle, environment and physiology on eye health.  Hub visitors will be able to learn about the basics of the eye and its journey and the different environmental factors that might influence vision.

We conduct interactive learning journey which enhance the learning of the eye and vision in relation to environmental factors and visual habits to the general community.

We provide Prepare & Prevent wellness programs that goes beyond the general basic eye care education that provide basic and essential knowledge on cultivating good eye care habits. 

Our educational field trip programs are extended to:

  • Educational Institutions for Preschool students, Primary School students
  • Parents & Grandparents of young children
  • Senior citizens from community clubs.
  • Employees & Family Members from companies, unions, organizations, associations..

Vision care

Vision care

Vision Care

  • Our Vision Care Hub is a community learning hub which strives to educate people from all walks of life on eye health, eye care habits and the journey of our eyes in terms of Prepare & Preventive eye care.
  • Our Vision Care Hub is a learning journey that anybody can benefit from    kids, students, working adults and senior citizens.

We conduct interactive  educational preschool and primary level field trip programs at our Vision Care Learning Hub :- 

  1. Part 1 Preschool Field Trip Series (Designed for N2 to K2 students)
  2. Part 2 Preschool Field Trip Series (Designed for N2 to K2 students)
  3. Your Eye Care Learning Journey – Primary Level (Basic)
  4. Your Eye Care Learning Journey – Primary Level (Intermediate)

Please contact Noocc Eye Centre:  Tel: 6471 1771 for details of the programs.


 Invest in your child’s visual health and the benefits are manifold.
Early detection of eye problems leads to better visual outcomes
and ensure the quality of life is not compromised.
With our educational programs and holistic eye care services,
we can help you and your child live up to your dreams without
visual hindrance.


Please contact Noocc Eye Centre for more information; to book an appointment for an eye check; for optical or contact lens correction; or to book a date for our educational field trip programs :-

Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday except Sunday & Public Holiday.

Tel:  +65 6471 1771     Email:     Website:

Address:  190 Changi Road, #B1-01 Mdis Building, near Eunos Mrt.  S’pore 419974

Noocc Eye Centre : Contact Information & Location Map



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