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Odyssey Learning Center

Odyssey Learning Center

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Address: Block 144, Tampines Street 12 #01-398, Singapore 521144

Telephone: 6782 4893




Odyssey Learning Center equips pupils with fundamental strategies and key concepts in problem solving, and addresses misconceptions related to exam questions. These are all possible with help of our amazing teachers. Our teachers have an average of 10 years’ experience and teach with patience and exceptional skills. Our faculty of teachers ranges from NUS & NTU Honours degree holders to MOE certified ex school teachers.

Odyssey learning center

Odyssey Learning Center


My 14yr old daughter has been with Odyssey Tuition Centre for few years already. Though I stay far away, I remained because the teachers here are very inspiring & committed. I must thank Teacher Liu (Chinese & Maths) for his conscientious teaching given to my daughter which has transformed my daughter to be a better student. By the way, I also like to commend other teachers: Teacher Pess (English) & Teacher WenSheng (Science) for their teaching expertise n patience. In short, I highly recommend parents to send their children to this Centre. Parents can also whatsapp me at 91889178 should they be interested to know more. Thank you.
– Mdm Serene, Parent of Edda Sec2 , Geylang Methodist Secondary School 2018. Student of Maths, Chinese, Science and English.

This tuition centre has helped me tremendously in improving my math results from getting F9 to getting A2 in Secondary 4 during O Levels. Despite busy school schedule, I still managed to find time to attend tuition due to flexible timing. I am overall really grateful for this tuition centre.
– Rou An, Bedok North Sec 4, 2017 E Maths: F9 to A2

我的女儿Rachel Toh在此补习中心补习大概有两年多时间了,从当初的补一科数学到 现在的补三到四科,是因为看到了她学习的进步,短时间内数学从原来的六十几分到 八十几分,让我对本中心有了更充分的信心,在此感谢各位老师对我女儿的热心教育 、谢谢🙏!
– Mrs Toh, Parent of Rachel, Student of Maths, English & Science 2018, Gongshang Primary School.

I felt that after attending regular lessons at this center, my child’s results have improved significantly. His temperament has also improved. I would like to thank the tutors here.
– Mother of Yu Sheng Siang, P6, Tampines Primary School, 2018. Student of English, Maths & Science.

Mr Wen Sheng helped me greatly. I believe that without his help, I wouldnt have scored the A1s.
– Yuan Jing, Junyuan Sec 2017, A Maths (C5 to A1) E Maths (B3 to A1)

I am surprised to see improvement in both my EMaths and A Maths. I feel very pleased with my results especially with my A Maths. The tutor has taught me pretty well for my mathematics and the additional lessons also helped me grasp topics easily and improved my mathematics.
– Mohammad Afiq, Dunman Sec 2017, A Maths (C5 to A1) E Maths (A2 to A1)

My two boys, Alvin who is 16 years old & Jagger who is 12 years old, joined Odyssey Tuition Centre early this year. Teacher Liu does not just teach them math but also try to understand them, imbue & encouraging them with good studying habits. He is not calculative on the tuition hour and if needed will extend the tuition hour without any additional cost. He also allow them to text & ask him whenever they encounter any difficult questions in school. Thank you Teacher Liu!
– Parent of Alvin & Jagger, students of Chinese and Maths. St Hildas. 2018

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