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Our First Steps Preschool

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I just went for their

I just went for their openhouse last week and I find the lady who attended to me very warm and friendly. Because I have attended People Impact trial class and like the class, so when I saw that their curriculum include People Impact enrichment and i do not need to pay extra, i feel it’s very worth it! Anyone currently attending the school and have comment?

Hi Ashley I'm going to the

Hi Ashley

I’m going to the open house. Called the school last week. The lady I spoke to was quite friendly and I like their curriculum too. Think got some part that focuses on EQ.

How old is your LO? Will you be going? 

Our first steps feedback


I’m new to this forum, so not sure if this is the right place to post? 

Came across this school on fb and was wondering if anyone has any feedback? 

Visited the website and the curriculum looks quite impressive. Is anyone going for the open house? 

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