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PCS Holland Village Centre

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PCS at Blk 12 Holland Avenue

I enrolled my boy in PCS, Holland village since Dec’08 for a half-day child care service. In less than a year, my son was subjected to bites from other kids which were left mark for a day or 2, indicating that these bites were inflicted severly over a moment of times. Feedbacks and complaints have been given to the schools teachers and principal on these incidents.  Reply from school is an apology and that they were investigated and looked into the matter. However sad to mention that the teacher in-charged and the principal usually do not follow up after the incidents occurred.  Which implied that they do not care or  the standard of  this child care centre is as such.

The biting incidents continue to occur with sometime the teachers did not even know how/ when it happened! We were appalled by such replies that suggested that either this child care centre is understaffed or the teachers are inadequately trained to handle the toddlers and kids in the group. In total, there were 7 bites incidents with my son being the victim. Therefore I have no choice but to withdraw my son and find a new school for him.


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