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Pearlbank Kindergarten

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Good Montessori pre-school along Pasir Panjang Rd

On the recommendation of a friend who is in the pre-school education “industry” (she used to be VP of a Pat SchoolHouse centre), I enrolled my children in this Montessori pre-school.

I find the principal very serious and enthusiastic about pre-school education, and the teachers experienced and equally enthusiastic. My boy came home raving about how his nursery English teacher made a model of a volcano and poured some red liquid (presumably jam or something) on top of it to “simulate” a volcanic eruption. I was impressed when he could tell me that that liquid is called “lava”. And all that effort just to teach the class the letter “V”.

I was also impressed when during a recent parent-teacher conference, the teachers could remember all the character traits and gaps for improvement for each child, along with their learning progress reports.

My children are happy and look forward to going to school everyday. To me, this shows that sometimes the quality of pre-school education in “non-branded” schools can be as good as, if not better than those very expensive “branded” schools.

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