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The Best Math Practice Experience Your Child Can Get

Practicle is a Math Practice Website where kids can work on problems in a fun and supported environment. Accessible anytime, anywhere, kids can practice and learn in small, manageable chunks adapted to fit their abilities, to build up their confidence and mastery over time.

Kids love our system because it is bite-sized and fun. They can level up, earn points and claim rewards, even their very own namecards.

Tutors and parents love our system because they no longer have to manage homework and marking. Problem spots are automatically delivered to their doorsteps.

For as low as $29.99 per month, you can get your child a fun, fully-automated “assessment books and top school papers” package for practice. If your child does not improve, we will give a full refund* (terms and conditions apply).

See how Practicle helped Cayden score Full Marks for Problem Sums

Why is Practicle so Effective?

Practicle is a next-generation adaptive practice platform, utilizing gamification, data analytics, and A.I. to motivate students, measure their performance, and automatically suggest more questions for further practice and rapid improvement.

Practicle is also a market-place for teaching and learning resources, where students can unlock explanation videos to questions which they need more help with. We welcome all passionate tutors and teachers to join our platform and contribute great content (royalties included)!

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Feel free to try our Free Basic Plan (30 Questions): Try Basic Plan 

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prefer kids to look at papers, books than the screen.

by on Fri, 26/01/2018 9:42am
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