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Seedlings Montessori Alexandra Pte. Ltd.

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Queenstown area

  Hardly see them bring kids  for outdoor. Teacher turn over rate pretty high, teacher stayed half year to one year. Priciple got bad reputation for snap other husband, police was called up to the school once and cause an commotion  

Aircon enclosed area, children fall sick easily.  outbreak of c.pox or HFMD can usualy hit up to 10 overcases in one go. Asked have you do anything? they will said everywhere is the same and very commond now.(but i think they have to make extra effort being all aircon)

They are more profit earning than educating.  Everything needs to pay triple the price than other school charged. 

me too, would like to find

me too, would like to find out more on this childcare.. but dont seem to get much response

Any feedback on Dawson Seedlings?


i’m considering my 18mths in this childcare. can anyone share their experience with this childcare with me?

– quality of teacher (patient/ communication)

– Hygience (cleanliness)

Thanks !

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