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Seletar Aerospace Playground

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Address: Park Lane, Singapore 798386

The Oval at Seletar Aerospace is the new hipster hangout in town, where you can find popular restaurants and cafes such as Wheeler’s Estate and The SummerHouse & Wildseed Cafe.

Seletar Aerospace Playground 10

And in the heart of it, there is an aeroplane-themed playground for kids.   I love how all the play equipment here revolved around the aeroplane / airport theme! Like how the main play sculpture was a plane, with slides coming down both side like those escape slides of real planes?

Seletar Aerospace Playground 01

And next to it was a ‘control tower’ where kids could climb up and slide down via a super curvy slide.

Seletar Aerospace Playground 02

Hop on over to the toddler section, even the toddler’s playground was a cute little plane!

Seletar Aerospace Playground 05

And look at the spring bouncer.  An aeroplane spring bouncer! Awww….

Seletar Aerospace Playground 06

The merry-go-round? It was a helicopter landing pad!

Seletar Aerospace Playground 07

There were also swings, that didn’t exactly fit the theme, but let’s not be picky here.

Seletar Aerospace Playground 03

Seletar Aerospace Playground 08

The most creative thing I found at the playground was the giant aeroplane-chess! Whoever designed this playground deserves a pay raise. 

Seletar Aerospace Playground 04      

Playground Basic Information

Opening Hours  24 hours
Admission Fee Free
Recommended Age Group Age 2 – 12
Type of Playground Outdoors
Type of Flooring Rubber
Handicap-friendly features
Rest area for parents Benches beside the playground.
Nearby Toilets / Showers Cross the road over to where The Summerhouse is and continue down the covered passageway to find the public toilets.
Nearby Food / Drinks The playground is located next to Wheeler’s Estate
Nearby Shelter You can seek shelter at Wheeler’s Estate / The Summerhouse
Nearby Parking Carpark available in front of The Summerhouse
Drop off Not allowed


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