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Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is the world’s largest Singapore Math enrichment program with more than 200 centres in 20 countries. Since 2010, multi-award-winning S.A.M has helped children aged 4­–12 years old learn, enjoy and excel in Math and English, and develop confidence and independence to succeed in school and beyond.

S.A.M Thinking Math program helps children develop Math mastery, thinking and problem-solving skills through interest and understanding instead of rote memorisation and drilling, with an emphasis on conceptual learning using hands-on activities and explicit teaching of problem-solving heuristics and process.

S.A.E Phonics & English program uses a structured phonics approach and an integrated literacy skills curriculum to help children read fluently and write confidently, with carefully structured modules that teach, consolidate and strengthen literacy skills at increasingly complex standards of English.

We use a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the skills a child has mastered and the skills the child needs more support with. Then, we prescribed a personalized learning plan tailored to each child at their own skill level and pace, because no two children learn alike.

In addition, we use the coaching approach with probing questions and a lot of encouragement to help students explore, discover and build confidence towards Math and English. Our worksheets are carefully structured so key areas are learnt in gradual steps to ensure understanding and revised at increasingly complexity. Through guided practice in class and independent practice at home, children develop mastery in Math and English, self-discipline and good study habits.


“Charlaine enjoys the fun lessons at S.A.M and their heuristics lessons have honed her thinking skills. She can analyze and solve word problems and present her answers in a concise manner. I am very impressed that my P2 child can solve tricky math questions without the need to memorize anything. The ability to understand how math works is very valuable and S.A.M has helped her to develop this skill.” Mrs Elaine, mother of Charlaine (8 years old)

“Grace did not enjoy math, struggled with math thinking and lacked confidence. At S.A.M, the learning plan was tailored for her, the worksheets are good and the trainers are patient. S.A.M has helped Grace build up her math abilities and confidence. She has moved from middle band to top band at school and is excelling in math. S.A.M has shown her different ways to think about math problems and she is more positive in her approach to learning.” – Mrs Elena, mother of Grace (10 years old)

“Trey used to lose focus easily and was scared of word problems. He was not doing well in math so I sent him to S.A.M hoping to help him improve. S.A.M trainers were patient with him and helped him build a good math foundation. It exceeded my initial expectation – his test scores went from 50+ in P3 to 80+ in P4! More importantly, he has become confident in math. S.A.M is the best decision I’ve made this year!” Mrs Winnie, mother of Trey (11 years old)

Centre Locations

Bukit Timah
1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, #02-27, Singapore 588996
Tel: 6466 1684

Choa Chu Kang
Blk 145 Teck Whye Ave, #01-163 (2nd floor), Singapore 680145
Tel: 9447 3126

Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue #02-307, Market Square @ Downtown East, Singapore 519599
Tel: 9727 2566

Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-307B, Singapore 600134
Tel: 8829 2970

545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #11-10, Singapore 238882
Tel: 6520 0338

Parkway Centre
1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre, #04-01, Singapore 449408
Tel: 9650 9651

Blk 265 Serangoon Central Drive, #04-263, Singapore 550265
Tel: 6846 9776

Blk 601B Tampines Ave 9, #01-08, Singapore 522601
Tel: 9099 0515

Toa Payoh
Blk 83 Toa Payoh Lor 2, #01-455, Singapore 310083
Tel: 6258 2008

18 Yishun Ave 9, Junction Nine, #02-26, Singapore 768897
Tel: 6257 1744


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S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Mathematics) - Review done on 18 July 2017

Located in the housing estate of Serangoon Central – walking distance from Nex Mall. Transportation is convenient – MRT is only a 5 minutes’ walk from the centre.
S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Mathematics) is not a tuition centre where the students are drilled with worksheets/ test papers. It is an enrichment centre that that takes the holistic approach towards learning Maths. They focus on skills such as logical reasoning and critical thinking that will help students confidently face the challenges of numbers. These are done through both classroom learning and worksheet practice.

A huge plus for S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Mathematics) is that the teacher: student ratio is kept at a very manageable and effective 1:5-6 maximum. My review is based on a class that I had the opportunity to observe at their Serangoon Branch. It was a small class of 7 students with 2 teachers. It was a mixed group of 5-7 years old.

The 1st teacher had 4 students who were on the same level, in terms of skills and understanding. She got the students engaged in a dialogue on a sum that she wrote on the board. Whiteboards are not usually used as a teaching tool but since she had students on the same understanding level, she used it. She got them really engaged, I could see and hear them responding to her with much enthusiasm. Students also had manipulatives to help them visualize. She asked probing questions, got them to look at the questions again when in doubt and gave encouragement when they did or did not get it correctly. I observed that the teacher gave encouragement to the students to find the solutions rather than telling them what they should or how they should do it.

The 2nd teacher was working with 3 students – all different levels. Each of them had one on one with the teacher. Students were working through the sums diligently while the teacher moved from student to student to explain and guide them.

I can see that the program is catered to individual needs. It helps students to comprehend and understand the concepts instead of just doing it. As I was observing, I was learning as well. Gave me a new perspective on how to approach some of these sums. S.A.M has 10 branches across the island – they do a 20 minutes assessment for 1st-time students, to evaluate their level of knowledge and ability. Parents get progress card/reports so that they are updated with their children progress. Parents can also have for face-to-face meetings before or after classes. There are worksheets that students need to do at home as part of practice. As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”.

Foundation is important – start early so that children can cultivate a love for numbers. Overall, I would recommend S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Mathematics)

by on Wed, 23/08/2017 12:05pm


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