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Sparkletots Child Care Centre (Alexandra)

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Seedling Dawson

Aircond enclosed area, childred always fall sick. Children were not brought outdoor as scheduled. Current teacher so so, old/dull andl pretty dead, not much communication to parents. Teacher turn overate rather high too.  Worst, one two year ago, teachers come and go every three to six months. Good teachere also not stayed long, met ex-teacher they comment principle atitude problems plus seduced other people husband and police came up to the school too not fit to be education provider.   Academic wise, so so due to teacher turn over rate is high.  Only the upper level teachers (K1 or 2 ) are rather stable.

Would only consider one of their upper level part time teacher is very good.



Just some update on my

Just some update on my earlier reviews. Have switch DS to a preschool this term. Most of the decision to leave is motivated by the desire to spend more time with DS and prepare him for P1.  In general, also feel that the school was getting pretty crowdedsince DS joined 3 years ago and  and some of the good teachers he had were no longer with his class.

me 2 hv a veri bad

me 2 hv a veri bad experience w e principal there… the management sucks… my daughter was running a fever last wk bt the centre staff din even called 2 inform me abt it!!! they jus put my ger in the office & gv ice pack on her den when the fever drop they jus send her back 2 her norm lesson after dat without further monitorin her temp every 1/2 hr or so…. wth… when i went to fetch my daughter @ 6pm she was whining… thinkin sumthing is wrong i asked my ger wat happen… she replied she was sad… den the staff told me dat she was running a fever after she wakes up fr nap… so i measure her temp in front of the staff & OMG!!!! she was burnin a temp of 39.9 degrees fever!!!! hw can they be so irresponsible on dat????!!!! fever can be serious 1… on top of dat when being questioned on dat fever issue instead of calmin us down the principal shouted or rather raised her voice @ us!!!!. so poor professionalism…

Negative experience

I and my wife were trying to register my daughter to the center couple of months back and we were told that there are still plenty of vacancies and my daughter were still too young then. We insisted in registering my daughter and even offered to put down deposit to ensure that our daughter will be able to enroll once she’s 19 months (this coming 22 of May). We were assured by one of the staff that there is no need to register, but I and my wife left our contact with her anyway and she promised us that she’ll contact us if there is any need to enroll our daughter early. We never received any call from the center at all. However, today when my wife visited the center to show my daughter her future school, she is informed that the vacancy is FULL and has always been FULL and they even DARE to accuse my wife of twisting her words instead of apologizing and the principal guarantee that the staff will never say such thing to us. I am terribly disappointed with the center; and even they open up their vacancy again, I will NEVER EVER consider this center ever again. No matter how good the review is, I really don’t think I want my children to be taken care of by cowardly people.

Thanks Mincy,

Today I checked with my daughter’s teacher and she said I can bring the 3kg cake for kids but the goodie bags only for kids in her group.

Btw, do you know where to order the cake for birthday is good and the price is reasonable?

actually, it is optional

actually, it is optional ….you can just prepare goodie bags for her class only. For the cake, it is best to check with the teacher but I am sure it is fine too to prepare the cake for her group only. 

thanks mincy for your prompt reply

I thought I have to prepare birthday cake and goodie bags for only kids in her group. So the cake for all kids in the centre.

My daughter now is in toddler 2 ( I don’t know why they put my daughter in toddler 2 cos’ kids in toddler 2 are older than others in toddler 1 while my kid is the youngest child when she enrolled), I saw the list on the daily register, all kids in 2 toddler class over 40 (20 each class), there are too many kids to prepare the goodie bags. Should I need to prepare for all of children?

Yeah, saw there were some

Yeah, saw there were some staff movements recently for the younger classes… my son’s teacher change too, though in my case his previous teacher told me personally when I drop him off. 

For birthdays, I usually celebrate over tea time. Usually order 3kg for the cake as there are plenty of people in the centre. They leave it up to you though so you can tell them the size of the cake you are ordering, but need to do so in advance as they need to let the kitchen know in advance so that they know how much food to prepare for tea.

It is customary to prepare goodie bags for the other kids in the child’s class or level. i.e. if your kid is in toddler 1, you can opt to give goodie bags to just toddler 1 or all the kids in the toddler class. The list of kids are on the daily register where we sign the kids in, so that give an indication how many goodie bags to prepare. Just confirm with the teacher.



I sent my 2 years daughter to this centre from 18mths, I thinks it’s quite good. But now I have some problems. in 3 first day while I was still in centre with my kid, they put her in a class of English teacher. today when I asked her teacher about her birthday celebration in next week, the teacher told that my kid now in other class with other teacher. I wondering why they didn’t tell me when they changed my kid’s class, they have a notebook to keep in touch with parents and they almost never write down there (unless when they need contribute food for the party from parents). And the other problem is my kid’s teacher now is Chinese teacher and she cannot speak English, it’s very difficult for me when i want to compared something about my kid (cos i’m a foreigner. Any parents have problems like me, can you share me some experience?

by the way, my kid’s birthday is in next week, I’ve never celebrated her birthday at childcare centre, pls compare with me the way you arrange your kid’s birthdat at this centre. Thanks so much.

hi, thanks for your


thanks for your feedback. Did you consider seedlings at Dawson? I’m comparing these 2 as my choices.


There are some teachers

There are some teachers that stayed through the two and years we were there. My boy pretty much have the same teachers for the past two years. Saw quite a number of teachers left though and the younger classes have rather new teachers.

As for whether they are patient, it depends on which class the kid will be in. My boy’s form teacher is probably more patient with him than I am but not too sure about other teachers. Best to find out which class he is in and observe.

Sparkletots Child Care Centre (Alexandra)

It’s nice to hear such nice review. Are the teachers turnover high and most importantly are they patient?

I’m considering my boy at this childcare too. Appreciate if parents can share your feedback. Thanks!

We are NOT a childcare centre!

Sorry thaen, you are mistaken. is in no way affiliated with any childcare centres.  Please contact or email the childcare centre directly using the contact information we provided.

child care centre

To Whom It May Concern,,

I am writing, cos I been trying a place at queenstown CC for my daugther for next year 2009. my babysitter is saying that every tired and she is getting old, I would like to register for her now, I was happen to call the admin around in may 2008, she told me that still early for her to know. also I am working around the area, also comfortable for me to sent her. hope you will giving a place for my daugther.


Thank you

Sparkletots Alexandra at Queenstown Community Center

haha, I guess so. the only thing mine watch at home is Signing Times. But when we give him a Kids Meal toy from Mc Donalds he starts saying "Sponge Bob Square Pants" – It took me a few weeks to realise that it is a nicklelodian character!

RE: Sparkletots Alexandra at Queenstown Community Center

Nice review! Just 1 thing about the "too much" TV issue. It’s probably repeated not just in child care centres throughout, but also in most homes. How many of us have been guilty of throwing the kids in front of the TV so that we can have some time for ourselves? Anyway… my kids learnt all about the latest toys and cartoons from his stay in 2 of the 3 child care centres between 2-5 years old. Could recite the names of all the power rangers when he was 3. I was surprised as I didn’t let him watch power rangers at home, so I guess he got it from his "other home". I supposed the more "premium" pre-schools would have more staff to reduce the need to captivate the children’s attention via cartoons.

Sparkletots Alexandra at Queenstown Community Center

I sent my 2 year old there from 18 months, after combing 4 childcare centers around the area. Okay, this is not a branded place, no nice sounding methodology for raising and teaching kids but I like it better than what I saw at some of the branded places out there.

Reason for selecting the childcare
– It is located in a community center, so unlike those childcare at the void deck, this one has a big area for kids to play and lots of things to see
– A small garden with a huge water feature with lots of fishes is situated right outside the childcare. My boy love it. Till today he run to see the fishes once we reach school
– Toys and activities of the kids. Toys are plentiful here. The walls are full of art and crafts the kids created and there are plants and pet fishes and totise in the place. Lots of activities to keep kids engaged and to stimulate their mind.
– Air con. They have air con but air the place every week. Unlike places that are in big commercial buildings where the windows are sealed and germs get traped.
– Nice high celing, big space. The childcare have 2 levels. The younger kids stay on level one which have a shared dining and recreation area. The different clases are divided but because of the shared area, the kids get to enjoy a large space.
– Teachers are warm and seems to genuinely like what they do. They know each kids name, even those that are not in their classes.
– Place looks bright, clean and organise. Probably because it is quite new. – prob about a year since they move the the community center from another location.
– They request parents to be with their kids for the first 3 days of school so I get to see how the daily activities are like.
– Very econmical about $315 after subsidy.

What I find so far.
– My boy have been there for 6 months and have since learn how to wear and take off his shoes, drink from a cup, feed himself with a spoon.
– The teachers seems to genuinely like and care for the children, esp the younger children. They can be quite firm though.
– My boy likes to go to school.
– They are very vigilant about health and hygiene. Every morning, a teacher will stand guard the the gate to take temperature and check for mouth ulcers. Parents have to record the child temperature everyday. They make us wash and change the bedsheet for my boys nap time everyday.

The cons
– Some of their rules restrictive. Some rules can be a little tough e.g. they impose a fine of a dollar for every minute the parent is late picking up the child.
– If you kid have fever, you are suppose to go pick him up within an hour or so.
– My MIL complain that their menu are not suitable for kids- they serve fried rice, beehoon – I thought that’s all right. In fact, I thought the variety help correct my boys “choosyness”‘for food.
– I think they let the kids watch too much television. They watch cartoons before breakfast and in the evening while waiting for parents to pick the kids up. So if you sent your kid to school early and pick him up late, he would probably have watch 1- 2 hours of cartoon every day.

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