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Stalford Learning Centre

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Stalford Simei branch is located on the 3rd level of Eastpoint Mall. The building is located next to Simei MRT station and is also easily accessible by public bus services.

Being part of a big chain, Stalford is well-organised in its setup. Its premise is newly renovated and the customer service staff on duty that day were friendly and helpful. The information sheet they provided me was comprehensive and easy to understand.

Stalford offers classes from pre-school (K1 onwards) up to junior college level. What impresses me is the number of time slots available for each subject. There are four time slots in the week to choose from, two in the weekdays and two during the weekend. For English, there are two type of classes – English and English Creative Writing. Both types of English classes are available from P1 onwards. Similarly for Maths, a separate specialised Heuristics Problem Solving Maths class is available for P3 onwards. Heuristics Problem Solving Maths classes are $30 to $40 more expensive than other subjects. For example, for P5 level, it costs $160 for any one of the usual subjects (4 lessons) but $200 for Heuristics Maths. All classes are 2 hours in duration.

Fees for one subject starts from $140 (4 lessons) for P1 and P2 levels, and up to $170 for P6. However, there is significant savings when you sign up for more subjects. For example, you pay $600 for 4 subjects at P6 level, that works out to be $150 per subject, less than $20 per hour. The fees at Stalford are very competitive compared to the few other centres I have surveyed. However, you do have to pay upfront a refundable deposit of $200 and a one-time registration fee of $30.

One eye-catching feature of the Stalford’s entrance is the glass wall display of the teachers’ profiles and credentials. While that cannot guarantee they will work magic on your child’s grades, it certainly gives parents a sense of quality assurance that your child is being taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

by on Tue, 14/02/2017 12:20am
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