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Star Learners Child Care

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Why Star Learners

At Star Learners, we empower children to become heroes who are bright of mind as they are strong of heart. We believe in developing children in a holistic manner to bring out their best character, and that education should be fun, exciting and engaging. Our proprietary educational programmes are activity-based with a unique literature immersion, so every child is inspired to love learning, think creatively and make meaningful connections with the world around them.

Star Learners started operations in 2003, and with 41 centres island-wide, we are the largest private child care group in Singapore.

Our Unique Curriculum

Star Learners is the first preschool in Singapore to adopt a two-pronged literature-based and activity-based approach. Our StarbeamTM framework is founded on the belief that we inspire heroes through the power of stories. We harness the magic of stories to immerse every child in rich and exciting worlds where they tackle concepts and skills in multiple learning areas. Each featured story is thoughtfully curated from children’s literature around the globe – opening a world of perspectives that will inspire children to become heroes of Character, Confidence and Creativity. Heroes of Heart and Mind.

Our Heroes of Heart and Mind

Benefits of our Literature-based approach

  • Sparks your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity
  • Vital for developing literacy and increases verbal proficiency
  • Improves visionary, creativity, and analytical skills
  • Primes your child for pre-literacy and sets building blocks for a lifelong love of learning
  • Helps children develop a sense of empathy to better understand their own emotions and the emotions of others

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