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About Us

The JC & IB Tuition Specialists is made up of a group of dedicated and competent tutors who provide quality A Level Chemistry tuitionA Level Physics tuitionA Level Maths tuition, and A Level General Paper tuition to help students achieve academic excellence. We provide private home tuition and group tuition at affordable rates. We believe that students who enrol for tuition need additional help and dedicated attention from the tutors and hence we maximise learning effectiveness by limiting the class size for group tuition to 8 to enable us to customise our approach to meet the unique needs of the students.

Our tutors are specialists in their subjects and have more than 10 years of experience teaching JC and IB students in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and GP and have successfully improved their grades through our approach .

Why Join Us for A Level Chemistry Tuition?

1. Diagnostic Approach

Identification of the topics that students need help on is done through the review of students’ papers before the first lesson and after major exams when necessary.  We focus on doing a thorough diagnosis because we deliver lessons effectively by addressing the specific challenges faced by students. See our Teaching Approach for further elaboration.

2. Clear and Concise Lesson Delivery

We do this through breaking down complex concepts into simple steps. Subsequently, we link concepts to application by outlining the types of questions that examiners ask during A Level Chemistry exam to test the concepts and we provide the solutions in response to those questions. Questions by students are answered and explained by Ms Sim via Whatsapp to help them in between the lessons.

3. Summary Notes and Question Bank

Our summary notes capture key concepts that are commonly tested and comments on questions by Cambridge examiners are highlighted to help students ace their exams. We have a question bank that have questions sorted out by topics and concepts from all junior colleges that give students the edge in their exams. Questions from the question bank are assigned to the students to reinforce their knowledge and application.

4. Progress Tracker

Due to unfamiliarity with the topics, students are often unsure about which topics that they have covered when attempting practice questions before taking their tests. We have designed a tool called the “Progress Tracker” to help students get real time data to ensure that they attempt the questions related to the topics tested to maximize their performance.

5. Proven Track Record

Approximately 93% of our students attained A’s and B’s for their A level Chemistry which speaks volumes of our ability to produce excellent results.

   JCIB      JCIB

I joined Ms Sim in beginning of J2 after CT1, where I did not fare well. Ms Sim is a patient and understanding teacher who would go the extra mile. She would go through in detail and give you feedback about what went wrong in your exams/test papers, which allows you to better amend your errors. Her explanations are clear and concise, with lots of questions to practice! Thanks Ms Sim for not losing faith in all of us and I really enjoyed your chem lessons!! :))

Rachael Mak, Victoria Junior College, U to A for Chemistry

When I started having lessons, my Chemistry was on the brink of failure, but by Ms. Sim’s teaching methods and constant revision, I was able to clinch an A grade in this year’s A levels. I’ve never been a good Chemistry student, but I feel like her notes and revision packages were more than adequate for replacing those from my school, and overall help me to improve my scores.

Sean Wong, Raffles Institution, U to A for Chemistry

Ms Sim was a great teacher who was always patient with me, answering all my questions tirelessly, even if there were bad questions (in retrospect). She was also very detailed and I really appreciated the effort she put into analyzing my script so I know where exactly I need to improve. I am also very grateful for the fact that she has things prepared for every lesson but is also flexible enough to change it to accommodate my last minute requests, such as when I need help for other questions or when I need her help to check my work. Overall, I’m thankful for all the help she has rendered to me, and it made a whole lot of difference in not only my grades but also my interest in chemistry.

Lynette Yeo, Dunman High School, U to B for Chemistry


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