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Our Programmes- Preschool to Sec 4

This is the current reality- your child needs to be able to read by the first day of Primary One. As worrying as this reality is, The Language League has quality preschool reading and writing programmes which have a high standard of English instruction that not only aim to prepare your child for the foundation years in Primary school, but also make your child a lifelong lover of books and a competent communicator of the English Language.
Reading FUNdamentals ( 1 hr 15 mins weekly)
This structured and back-to-basics approach to reading is designed to engage your child with interesting stories while teaching the fundamentals of phonics. Our in-house curriculum, using colourful and engaging readers, is designed to put the fun into reading.
Level 1: Nursery
Level 2: Kindergarten 1
Level 3: Kindergarten 2
Writing FUNdamentals (1 hr 15 mins weekly )
This programme is aimed at developing early creative writers. Using a range of carefully selected books and other reading materials, our experienced teachers teach the concept of print and writing strategies for preschoolers against the colourful backdrop of engaging stories and games.
Level 1: Kindergarten 1
Level 2: Kindergarten 2
The Striving Reader (1 hr 15 mins weekly)
It is always worrying for any parent when they discover that their child is struggling to read. This programme is targeted at readers in Primary 1 or 2 who are reading below grade-levels. This supplemental literacy intervention goes back to the fundamentals of reading and lays the building blocks of reading through a revisiting of phonics and vocabulary building. Our Preschool Curriculum Director will assess each student’s reading ability at registration.
Intervention: Primary 1-2
Speech and Drama ( 1 hr weekly )
Our creative speech and drama lessons are structured around dramatic play, story enactment, imagination journeys, theatre games, music and dance. "Let’s pretend" is the norm in our creative classes and our students are encouraged to articulate their ideas and expressions in a stimulating classroom environment. Classes are available at every level from Nursery to Primary 2. Conducted by professional actors and/or directors, our Speech and Drama classes will bring out confidence in any child while encouraging high levels of spoken English.
Our Teachers
Our Preschool programmes are conducted by experienced Early Childhood educators with high levels of written and spoken English. After all, your child needs a good role model of the English Language in order to master reading, writing and communicating.
Speech and Drama
Show and Tell and Oral Presentations are part and parcel of the bite-sized assessments in Lower Primary. If your child lacks the confidence and competence in speaking publically to his teachers and peers, our Speech and Drama classes will help put the pizzazz in her performance and improve her grades. These classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes long.
Lower Primary Speech and Drama (P1-3 Mixed Group)
Creative Writing
Our creative writing classes target specific weaknesses in students in the composition and situational writing aspects of the English paper. Students also learn the finer points to writing creatively using Graded Readers and short stories as tools for learning. All classes are 1 hr and 30 minutes long.
Primary 1 Creative Writing
Primary 2 Creative Writing
Primary 3/4 Creative Writing
Primary 5 Creative Writing
Primary 6 Creative Writing
Primary English Tuition
Our tuition classes cover all aspects of the English Papers and provide timely remediation for your child week by week. Our teachers are NIE trained teachers with years of experience teaching in Singapore schools. In particular, our PSLE preparation classes are taught by extremely experienced current or ex-teachers with years of experience preparing students for the PSLE English papers. All classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long.
Primary 1 English FUNdamentals
Primary 2 English FUNdamentals
Primary 3 English FUNdamentals
Primary 4 Excel in English
Primary 5 Excel in English (PSLE Preparation)
Primary 6 Excel in English (PSLE Intensive Preparation)
English Tuition
Our curriculum complements the school curriculum according to MOE guidelines and stretches students in skills in order to excel in the O levels.
The classes are taught by current or former MOE schoolteachers with more than 10 years of experience.
Secondary 1 English Tuition- New Syllabus for O level English 1128 to be examined in 2013.
Secondary 2 English Tuition -New Syllabus for O level English 1128 to be examined in 2013.
Secondary 3 English Tuition- New Syllabus for O level English 1128 to be examined in 2013.
Secondary 4 Exp/5 NA English Tuition- For syllabus 1127
English Literature
Yr 1-2 Literature for IP Students
Secondary 3 Literature 
Secondary 4 Exp/5 NA O level Literature Preparation

June Holiday 2012 Intensive O Level Literature Workshops NEW
 2 Half-Day Workshops on the following texts:
Workshop on The Crucible by Arthur Miller
$200 per student
May 31 Thursday to 1st June Friday
9 am-1 pm
Workshop on Telltale- 11 Stories
$200 per student
4th-5th June 2012
9 am- 1 pm
Workshop on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
$200 per student
May 29-30 June
9 am- 1 pm
Workshop on Tackling Unseen Literature
20-21 June 2012
9 am – 1 pm
Workshop on Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare
20-21 June 2012
2 pm- 6 pm
Features of the Workshops
-8 hours of tutorial-style learning
-conducted by an ex-Literature Subject Head/MOE teacher of 14 years
-All materials and notes provided
-Sample practice papers provided
-Hands-on work in tackling passage-based and essay questions
-One FREE follow-up individual consultation session
-maximum number of participants is 15