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The Pique Lab

About The Pique Lab

The Pique Lab is a premier, private enrichment centre focused on the delivery of interactive Science programs for primary school students. It was created with a focus on creating an encouraging & supportive learning environment for primary school children.

Led by a team of primary school education specialists, we do what we do because we want to empower students with the skills to understand the subject and help them maintain a competitive edge over their peers. Using our proven Complete Concept Integration™ (CCI) methodology, we have helped thousands of primary school students across 78 different primary schools achieve extraordinary academic results in Science.

The #1 Preferred Choice Among Parents For PSLE Science Enrichment

We help to empower your child with clear thought processes & precise answering techniques that bring massive improvements in his/her Science examination results.

Enriching Learning Experience: Our programmes have impacted over 2,641 primary school students since 2013. Unlock your child’s inquisitive mind through interacting with visuals & experiments closely linked to the MOE school syllabus. Our lesson materials have also undergone extensive vetting by qualified professionals from the teaching forces, including MOE/NIE trained teachers.

Stellar Track Record: Powered by a methodology that has worked incredibly well for our students. With more than 80% of our students scoring As & A*s in Science, you can have a peace of mind.

Dynamic & Qualified PSLE Science Specialists: Let’s face it – teachers make or break the learning experience for your child. At The Pique Lab, your child will be meticulously coached by specialists who know their stuff & genuinely care for your child.

Well-designed Study Materials: We have invested a lot of time & money to craft the best learning materials in the industry. It’s a no-brainer that every child loves their own set of visually-appealing notes. We also handpick questions from primary school examination papers to make learning as relevant as possible.

Tracking Learning Progression: We have in-class exercises, homework & diagnostic assessments periodically in our regular classes to track your child’s learning progression. This helps us keep a pulse on your child’s abilities.

Strong Post-programme Support: Support doesn’t end after your child leaves our classroom. If you’ve a burning question, all we need you to do is to post it on the Parent Support Group & our specialists will help you out. It’s that simple!

What Do Parents Say About Our Primary School Science Programmes

“Prior to attending the P5 CCI Science Course, my child’s main weakness lies in the open-ended section. She may not have the right technique or right understanding of what is required to answer the questions.

After attending the course, The Pique Lab introduced a series of clear & structured answering techniques, which was very helpful to my child’s learning. My child was most impressed by the highly organised notes.

I’ll recommend this course to other parents who are interested in helping their kids strengthen their understanding in Science!”

– Mr Goh Cheng How

“My daughter, Cheryl, enjoyed the P6 CCI lessons and came back with very well prepared and researched notes that would be helpful in her preparations for the PSLE. The teachers provided very useful tips to guide students on how to answer process-skills questions. This used to be a challenge for my daughter, and she is able to answer them much better now. She attended only the three-day holiday programme. I wish we had signed her up earlier. Thank you!”

– Lily Chan, Mother of Cheryl

“Cadence attended the P6 Experimental Techniques Masterclass prior and had enjoyed the session very much, that’s why we had her follow-up with the P6 CCI course. She feels more confident about tackling Paper 2 now that she had learnt the techniques for handling open-ended questions, thanks to the instructor’s patience and guidance.”

– Lynda Kang, Mother of Cadence

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Kiasuparents Exclusive Gift

Please refer to the handout below to help your child understand the 9 Key Life Processes before his/her examinations!

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The Pique Lab

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My child attended the P6 regular class this year & is currently waiting for her PSLE science results in 2 weeks time. For parents who are considering this centre, I would like to share my 2 cents here.

Before joining pique lab, my daughter attended science tuition with other centres in p4 and p5 with bigger and established schools. Although her teachers in these centres were from MOE or NIE background, they did not seem to help her improve further. Besides after every lesson, she came home unmotivated & felt that tuition is a chore. While the materials in these centres look good, they appear to be very advanced and suitable only for top scorers.

Through a friend’s recommendation after putting her kids at pique lab for 2 years, I decided to try them out by having my DD attend their CCI workshop. I was surprised to hear that her teacher is funny, patient and friendly, which was a totally different experience as compared to her previous tuition teachers. After that, I signed her up for the weekly class because the environment seem to suit her more.

During her time at the pique lab, I saw that she has a renewed sense of motivation and confidence & Im very thankful for the teachers there who made this work, especially in her PSLE year. The centre provided colourful notes with examination techniques, which I felt was important to help her understand better. She managed to improve her section b answers by making them more complete and accurate. During her p5 sa2 last year, she got a B. This year, she got an A during her p6 sa1 and a high A during her prelim.

Im also grateful for their customer service team who displayed patience and professionalism. This means a lot to me as a working parent as well because they bother to go the extra mile to respond to my questions and requests thru whatsapp promptly even though it is after regular office hours. This also made a difference as compared to the other centres.

Thank you for helping my child!

by on Wed, 06/11/2019 10:58am