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The Pique Lab Learning Centre

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Quality of the service's amenities (1=Poor,5=Excellent) 5

Affordability of the service (1=Expensive, 5=Affordable) 4

Effectiveness of the service (1=Not effective, 5=Very effective) 5

My child attended the P6 regular class this year & is currently waiting for her PSLE science results in 2 weeks time. For parents who are considering this centre, I would like to share my 2 cents here.

Before joining pique lab, my daughter attended science tuition with other centres in p4 and p5 with bigger and established schools. Although her teachers in these centres were from MOE or NIE background, they did not seem to help her improve further. Besides after every lesson, she came home unmotivated & felt that tuition is a chore. While the materials in these centres look good, they appear to be very advanced and suitable only for top scorers.

Through a friend’s recommendation after putting her kids at pique lab for 2 years, I decided to try them out by having my DD attend their CCI workshop. I was surprised to hear that her teacher is funny, patient and friendly, which was a totally different experience as compared to her previous tuition teachers. After that, I signed her up for the weekly class because the environment seem to suit her more.

During her time at the pique lab, I saw that she has a renewed sense of motivation and confidence & Im very thankful for the teachers there who made this work, especially in her PSLE year. The centre provided colourful notes with examination techniques, which I felt was important to help her understand better. She managed to improve her section b answers by making them more complete and accurate. During her p5 sa2 last year, she got a B. This year, she got an A during her p6 sa1 and a high A during her prelim.

Im also grateful for their customer service team who displayed patience and professionalism. This means a lot to me as a working parent as well because they bother to go the extra mile to respond to my questions and requests thru whatsapp promptly even though it is after regular office hours. This also made a difference as compared to the other centres.

Thank you for helping my child!

by on Wed, 06/11/2019 10:58am

Quality of the service's amenities (1=Poor,5=Excellent) 4

Affordability of the service (1=Expensive, 5=Affordable) 1

Effectiveness of the service (1=Not effective, 5=Very effective) 1

Had a super bad experience with pique lab just today. I'd advise anyone and everyone not to send their children to this thug like centre.

Signed up since the start of my twins p3. All was good with only 3 children in the 5to 630pm class on friday 2019. A certain shamira was introduced as a WhatsApp coordinator to me. I msg when we go overseas to arrange for make up. The issue started when I asked if it's possible for my girls to hop onto the fri class should there be NO trial students and /or the class isnt full , IF their enrichment hasn't started . So that they can sleep in on saturday. She replies subjected to 3 make up given. I understand that's terms and condition but I commented "a bit no heart."
Today a certain Kenneth called me, and within 30seconds he started shouting and berating me. Over me asking how come the receptionist didnt want to mention to me. I just had a quick qs to ask . Isnt an enrichment centre supposed to have some form of partnership? He went on and on hurling verbal abuse. And I cut the line 2 times. To which he calls back to further continue his tirade.
This is the first enrichment centre I've met that feels they are entitled to scold u without having a firm grasp of the picture. Absolutely nuts!
Next comes the msges insisting I settle this BY 7pm today. I picked them up slightly late at 630ish and had no time to reply. When we arrive. The thugs stood by the door , I waited in the car as this was my usual practise. My helper says they stood there like hooligans.
For the benefit of your childs safety, please think twice. There are many science places out there.
I dont mind taking this further. I've all the msges. Horrible centre.

DONT Go there !

by on Sat, 12/10/2019 3:36pm

Quality of the service's amenities (1=Poor,5=Excellent) 5

Affordability of the service (1=Expensive, 5=Affordable) 5

Effectiveness of the service (1=Not effective, 5=Very effective) 5

My son, Timothy attended the CCI workshop with The Pique Lab during the June Holidays this year. After attending the workshop, my child gained a clearer and deeper understanding of the topics. He is now more confident in tackling science questions, especially the open-ended ones. The colourful and easy-to-understand notes are very helpful and serve as great revision notes too!

by on Sat, 28/07/2018 12:33pm
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