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My 2 cents worth to Mummy

My 2 cents worth to Mummy R

Both Maris Stella and Maha Bodhi are SAP Schools and both are good schools, but given your situation with a boy and a girl, it would be better for you to put both in MB as it would mean auto admission for your girl in 2 years time.

Of course, other things being equal, you have to look at distance, CCA etc.

Just my humble thoughts.



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Maris Stella Or Maha Bodhi

I have a boy and a girl. My husband is a old boy in Maris Stella where my son has a guarantee place for this year enrolment into P1. I also have a option to enrol him into Maha Bodhi which gives my daughter a place 2 years later. We could not decide if we should enrol my son to Maris Stella or Maha Bodhi. Not sure which one is better in terms of academic and ECA. Can anyone share your view?


Any suggestion if I enrol

Any suggestion if I enrol my child in Shichida kindergarden, after school can i enrol him at childcare? or any other good suggestion ?