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We are happy to share that we’ll be opening a new outlet at 81A Brighton Cres (Near Serangoon Gardens & Chomp Chomp) in July 2015.

There’ll be free trial classes for all NEW students starting June 2015. 6 students max per class!

For more information and confirming of slots, contact us at 93821457 🙂

Free Composition Feedback & Marking! :)

Dear parents,

I have been teaching English and Creative Writing for about 6 years now. From home-based tuition classes, I have since expanded to a shop unit and trained dedicated teachers to help me groom young writers.

I strongly believe in a small class ratio. With max of 6 students in a class, teachers are able to interact with every student closely and discover their strengths and weaknesses in the language. Most definitely, it helps to ensure that every piece of writing/composition is given detailed feedback. This helps them to learn quickly and effectively in the short 1 and a half hours in class.

Beyond that, we ensure an environment of positive affirmation in class. Most children don’t like to write or don’t write because they lack confidence. They feel that they are not good writers and can’t write well. 

All they need is an endless stream of encouragement, pick up the right skills, practice and great, passionate teachers to nudge them in the right direction.

Since then, I have been writing my own curriculum to ensure FUN, CREATIVE AND CREATIVE methodologies and materials are used in class. 

I am always excited to meet young writers. I’ll be happy to discuss more with you, answer your questions and to provide tips on to help your child love the language! (No charge, no obligations or strings attached)

Feel free to drop me your kid’s composition and I’ll be happy to return with a detailed feedback and tips for you. (Again, no charge, no obligations or strings attached, I am just happy to help! I enjoy what I do and I will not pester you after that. Haha. Drop me an email or text! )

Here’s a copy of our student’s work!

All the best to all students taking their PSLE in 2015!!! 

Contact: 93821457

Company Website:
Enquiry for classes: 8693 8344


English & Creative Writing for Pre-school and Primary School

At The Write Corner, we nurture writers from a young age, helping them to translate their vivid imaginations into stories. We seek to provide quality resources and a platform for children aged 5 to 12 years old in Singapore where they can fully express their thoughts and emotions through writing.

In a small class of 4-6 students, children are in a conducive learning environment that promotes teacher-student interaction.

We aspire to help our students:

Discover their potential in writing
Write with confidence
Achieve academic excellence

Visit us at or contact us at 8693 8344 for more enquiries!