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Tony Buzan Learning Centre

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Address: 1 Goldhill Plaza Goldhill Centre Podium Block #02-49 Singapore 308899

Telephone: 63334433




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Tony Buzan Learning Centre

Tony Buzan Learning Centre in Singapore is the first of its kind established in Asia by the Buzan Organization and is dedicated to developing our students’ ability to learn in a brain-friendly way and to develop as self regulated life long learners.

Based on Tony’s 40 years of research in the field of learning, the Centre’s programmes are designed and planned by a team of Buzan Trainers in collaboration with experienced local teachers.

Since 2003, thousands of students and executives in Singapore have benefited from the various enrichment programmes, mental literacy and cognitive skills development programmes conducted by the Centre.

The most popular programme in the Centre is Buzan Headstart® enrichment for primary school students in English, Mathematics and Science. These courses parallel our local schools’ curriculum with emphasis on higher order thinking skills. Classes are structured on the basis of small group co-operative learning, with lessons crafted on Habits of Mind, Multiple Intelligences and Buzan Learning techniques.

Unlike other learning centres, the emphasis in Tony Buzan Learning Centre is to coach students in learning how to learn and to evolve as self regulated life long learners. Children who find tuition boring enjoy the classes at the Centre, as they are able to engage in active and experiential learning.

Tony Buzan’s advocate is that all children must be led to enjoy the learning process, so as to unleash their learning genius and accelerate their cognitive development. Learning is more effective when the process is ‘brain-friendly’ and better grades in school will be a natural consequence.

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