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Twinkle Stars Montessori

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Address: Blk 86 Marine Parade Central #04-316 Singap440086ore (440086)

Telephone: 6440 0983




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Twinkle Stars Montessori (TSM) provides academic-focused preschool and enrichment programmes to children between 3 and 9 years of age, and for kids younger than 3 if they are ready.

Since 2006, TSM’s unique blend of a full Montessori curriculum and the Singapore educational system has been helpful in building a solid foundation in the child’s academic development and in getting child ready for the rigor of Primary school.

In a mixed-age environment, the toddlers spend time developing useful self-help, social, gross and fine motor skills, while the older kids will be mastering their mathematics and literacy skills. Spontaneous interactions and activities are plenty in this school. It is quite difficult to find moment of boredom here!

Book a free trial session with TSM for your child today. It may well be the programme that uncovers your child’s academic potential.

Subject Teachers at Preschool Level, Teaching Staff Are Montessori Trained

Teachers at TSM are subject-specific and their passion and enthusiasm gets rubbed off onto the children. Kids learn and work with the same subject teachers from day one till end of the programme. As such, every TSM teacher knows each kid’s strengths and weaknesses well. Therefore, kids receive the necessary attention and guidance according to their unique developmental needs.

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Mixed-age, Small Class Size

Every kid is precious and deserves the benefit of a small class size. Kids enjoy more attentions, scaffolding in early years where it is crucial. Children in TSM are grouped according to their current capability and individual pace of development. Teachers to child ratio of 4:1 for toddlers, 8:1 for our intermediate group and 10:1 for older kids.

From Concrete to Abstract, a Systematic Approach

TSM’s full Montessori classrooms are packed with teaching materials and learning aids for children’s hands-on learning. Abstract work, in the form of worksheets are gradually introduced as soon as the child shows readiness.

TSM KP Listing 2017 pic 3Child Learn at Own Pace, in a Stress-Free and Inclusive Environment

A stress-free environment encourages a child’s enthusiasm for learning. Here, children learn and master new skills at individual pace. As such, kids don’t feel the pressure in chasing a fast syllabus nor get bored by a slow one. If the child is learning fast, he/she will cover substantial amount of contents in TSM. Every child is a unique individual. Therefore, the school maintains comprehensive individual developmental checklist.

Flexibility in Child’s Class Schedule

TSM’s class schedule for individual student can be rather flexible. Arrangement for anything between a 3-half-day (3hrs daily) to a 5-full-day (6hrs, daily) week school schedule can be made to meet the child and family’s needs. This is to ensure that everyone could plan in other curriculum of interest outside of school.

Twinkle Stars Montessori (TSM) provides Preschool programme (AM/PM/Full Day), Enrichment (Montessori Maths, English) and School Holiday Programmes!


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Twinkle Stars Montessori is located in Marina Parade Central – East of Singapore – stone’s throw away Parkway Parade. Located on the fourth level in the building across from Fairprice Finest. It is about a 5-8 minutes’ walk from the bus-stop and there’s no MRT within walking distance. For those who drive, there’s a multi-storey carpark right next to the building.

Twinkle Starts Montessori uses full Montessori curriculum, and an integrated Chinese programme. They have also incorporated thematic curriculum to their programme. The grouping of children is not by age but by capability. The teacher-child ratio is 1:8 and for the younger children – it’s 1:4. All the teachers in Twinkle Stars Montessori are trained and certified in Montessori and/ or Early Childhood. They have 2 main sessions – AM: 9-12pm and PM: 12-3pm and an optional full day session: 9-3pm.

Classes start at 9am – I see students coming in at about 8.55am – very independently putting away their bags before washing their hands in a make-do sink, then having their hands and feet check + temperature taken. I had the opportunity to observe the class in session – they started off with a whole group circle time – for this day, the circle time was led by the Mandarin Teacher. They started off with a song (CD recording accompaniment), morning greetings, acknowledgment of guest (me), reinforcement learning of the day, month and year. Then the teacher showed them a cooking activity for Mother’s Day that they will be doing the next day. The activity was demonstrated above eye level, the children were naturally excited and started to gather around but were told to sit down. The teacher should have anticipated that and set up a bigger space so that the children could stand and surround her to watch. After circle time, children went to their respective groups to work – some with manipulatives and others on books and worksheets.

The owners of Twinkle Stars Montessori have their hearts in the right place, to teach with passion and ensure the children are well-rounded (their curriculum and character development). The centre would be even better if they incorporated outdoor play and engaged the students through music via musical instruments as part of their circle time. And on the more practical side, a toilet that is within the premises would be great too.

by on Mon, 05/06/2017 1:06pm
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