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Inconsistency and not flexible for make up class

My child attends the branch at Djitsun mall. Overall the teachers have been great and lessons are well enjoyed. However, they should really look into allowing students for make up lessons. This will allow parents and children who are not well or have urgent matters to have make up lessons.

What is the difference

What is the difference between Junior Electone Course and JxC? It seems that Junior Electone is only offered in Tampines? Child completing JMC this June then teacher says would be using piano from JXC. Child likes electone, wonder if it is a norm in other Yamaha centers to use piano in JXC? Any good teacher to recommend in the West who is not too result oriented I.e. focus on exam songs rather than appreciation of music?

Yamaha Junior Extension Course

My daughter is going to take the FSS test by next month.  I have doubt whether to let  her continue with Junior Extension Music Course or switch to ABRSM course. 

The Yamaha course is not that bore for little child but the song teach is a few only and there is not much theory learn.  Moreover they are learning to play by listening (memorise) the and not by looking at the note. I was told that the child will have difficult when they need to look at the note and play, as study in ABRSM system.

Is junior extension music course using the same approach as in JMC ? Is the Yamaha syallabus equilavent to ABRSM syllabus ? Between these two, which one is more difficult ?

Is it a wise choice to switch to ABRSM ?

My son is also in YJC. I

My son is also in YJC. I think kids like the group environment where friends learn together. But a lot depend on the teacher’s capability to ensure the kids pick up the knowledge for the exam. I do find it very slow to achieve the ABRSM grade 1 theory after 4 years of classes. Believe individual lesson will be able to achieve more in terms of moving up the ABRSM grade.

Yamaha Music School @ Parkway Parade

I have been sending my kid since he was 4 years old to yms @ parkway. Been there for 4 years, and he has gone through the entire Music Wonderland and JMC and JXC courses. At the end of the JXC course, he sat for and passed the Yamaha Grade 9 Performance Examination and the ABRSM Grade 1 Theory Examination. Here are my thoughts: 1. The Music Wonderland was really a waste of time as there was no real learning of the keyboard. It was effectively just listening and singing. But the songs are really catchy. Looking back, I could have simply bought the CD and just play for my kid. 2. The JMC and JXC courses are more effective, but it really depends on the teacher involved. The original teacher wasn’t really good but when I switched my kid to another class, the new one, Mrs Gan, was superb. She was strict, but really knows her stuff well. 3. From my observation, the drop-out rate from JMC and JXC is not high, probably no more than 20%. This says much about the quality of the courses and the teacher. 4. It is actually quite pressurizing for the children involved, as they had to sit for the music exams in March and June, right after their school exams. Also, it is necessary for parents to ensure that their children practices at home on a daily basis, and work on their theory tests.