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Let me put the records straight so that others are not misled by your comments.  Zion CC does not apply for admission of children to the centre unless there is a vacancy.  You have approached us for admission of your child as you mentioned that she was enrolled in a centre in Seletar which was far from your home and thus needed school bus transport for her to travel to the centre.  If you did not wish to enrol your child with us, you would not have submitted your MCYS application form together with the payment of $60 registration fee to us to enrol your child.  Upon your request, we submitted your application, though our centre had exceeded capacity to take in additional children, appealing to MCYS for your child’s admmission.


However, upon MCYS approval and after informing you of her being able to join our centre, we were told by you that you would have to discuss with your husband.  Subsequently, you never got back to us, until recently when you called to ask for the refund of the $60 registration fee.


I hope all readers do not get misled by such accusations from comments by these parents.


Thank you.

Re: dishonest and moneyminded

Dear Ms Sophia


I refer to the various untrue and unfriendly messages posted by you on the web.


We have refunded your deposit in full and wish to bring this matter to a close. A DBS300859 cheque of $680 dated 30.10.2010 was made payable to Quek Lin Yan before the end of October.


We would urge you to cease such hostile activities against our centre and reserve our rights for legal action if you continue to do so

anyone with this cc?

Pls comment. Thks

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